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How Effective is Facial Massage?

2014-07-28 15:59
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[Sports Korea media] 2014/04/16
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How Effective is Facial Massage?
(How to Make Your Face Look Slimmer)

Small and slim faces make a decent and defined appearance so many people try to make their face small and thinner.

With all this popularity, "V-line face massage(face yoga)" became popular. Especially, many people try Meridian massage to make their face smaller. It involves the use of acupressure style finger movements that balance the flow of energy along the meridian lines in the face that helps to make face smaller.

Since it"s not so difficult, anyone can try easily. Gently tap fingertips all over the face, then rub palms until they become warm and cup them over closed eyes.
It lifts skin that helps wrinkle care.

Gently pinch along jawline three times towards the ears. Place the thumbs on the bottom of the jawline. Drag them along the jaw away from each other three times, removing them when you reach the ears. This encourages the production of collagen, the protein that keeps skin elastic.

Massage ear lobes, Eyebrows and Cheek bone also promote the circulation of the blood. So, when you have spare time, do facial massage. If you do steady, it will work fast.

After the facial massage, the skin is tightened as the facial muscles are toned through specific movements. However, it can"t make your face bone smaller. So, if you want to have smooth face line, you can have cosmetic surgery like facial contouring surgery and V-line square jaw surgery rather than shorsighted way like facial massages.

Even tough V-line square jaw surgery (prominent mandible angle surgery) is regared as a minor operation among orthognathic surgery, you should find right hospital where has qualified medical specialists, prioritize patient safety and equipping clinic’s facilities with the latest technology to get a good result from cosmetic surgery.

ID hospital Dr. Tak-Ho Kim says, " to get a beauty is important but the safety should be the priority. The reason why many people have V-line square jaw surgery(prominent mandible angle surgery) at ID hospital is because ID hospital has operated safe surgery with anatomical knowledge of dental and jaw bone.

ID hopital procedures ‘T-osteotomy’ that it does not increase the risks of side effects nor does it cause any complications in the procedure. In fact, the procedure avoids nerve injuries and provides more safety.

Dr. Kim says, " if you do facial massage steadily, it will make your face look smaller, but If you do it less time, it won"t work anymore. So, if you want to have dramatic change, permanent "V-Line Surgery(V-line shaped face surgery)" is recommended.