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This summer, make your face slimmer like k-pop girl groups

2014-07-30 17:40
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[W STAR NEWS] 2014-06-30
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A "V-Line shaped face" is every girl’s dream. Even if you have pretty eyes and nose, if your face line is not well balanced, you can"t attract much attention with your good looks. Your complex features will be more apparent to the others.

A slim face is ideal because it tends to make the face look more feminine and defined. On the contrary, those who have a wide and big face seem to have relatively older and angulated appesal because the skin starts to sag as they get older.

Those people are likely to have less cofidence and interpersonal skills because they look much older and darker than others. So, many of them try to improve their appearances better by cosmetics, diet and cosmetic surgeries. Above all, Facial contouring surgery is getting popular.

Generally, people tend to think they can chage their look like they"ve wanted to be after the plastic surgery. However, there is a case that some of them are still not satisfied with their new appearance.

For example, even if you had V-Line shaped jaw surgery (V-Line surgery), it can"t assure than you can have V-line jaw. If you have much fat or lack elasticity on the face but undergo facial contouring surgey or square jaw surgery (prominent mandibular angle jaw), your skin can be sag down as bone and skin are excoriated after surgery.

Also, after Square jaw surgery, your skin can be sag down more as it cuts big portion of bone with muscle and fat.

To solve this problem, skin lifting is added to suqare jaw surgery. That is to say, if you lift the skin after the jaw surgery, that make your face slim and tight all at once.

"T-osteotomy V-line surgery" makes jaw line slim that it doesn"t stimulate a nerve. A patient"s chin will be cut in to a T-shape (T-osteotomy), and the middle bone will be removed and side bones will be fixed with titanium pins. The sides bone can be cut in different extent to correct asymmetry. With "V3 Lifting", it weakens muscles and removes fat then tightens skin. As a result, you can have slim and tight face in evey angle.

With the V3 lifting, fat in the jaw line/double chin area is removed and dissolvable medical thread is used to lift the skin by a bit, to create a more defined jaw line, also the thread acts as a supplementary role to allow the skin to heal better with the flesh so that it would not sag with the sudden loss of fat in the jaws. After 6 months the thread will start to dissolve and it will be completely gone in 2 years, by then the space between skin and flesh would long be healed.

ID Hospital Dr. Seung Il Jung says, " you can make your face slimmer as V-line shaped loosing muscles and fat in the skin. With V3 lifting which lifts up skin, you can have sharp jaw line 1~2 weeks after the cosmetic surgery."