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From Let Me In to famous model, amazing drama at id hospital korea

2014-08-14 15:27
let me in hospital korea.jpg


Korea makeover show "Let me in" star,Park Hwa sung showed people how she has been getting along after she improved her appearance. Lately, she worked as a cosmetic model and Home shopping channel model. Her life changed dramatically.

From let me in season 2, the participant who caught most eyes was Park Hwa sung. She looked stunning looking like celebrities. When she was first here, she was a mother with three boys she lost her confidence because she looked older than her age and because of her flat chest. However, on this day, she showed off glamorous figure and beautiful face looking like a woman in 30s.

Park Sang hoon, the director of ID Surgical hospital, operated the plastic surgery. He said, “Park Hwa Sung had No-Tie double jaw surgery, Bikini Breast Augmentation,V-line sqyare jaw reduction (jawline surgery), cheekbone surgery(zygoma reduction surgery), eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, forehead implant and orthodontics. With all these surgeries which costed about 50 milion KRW, she had stunning appearance.

And she"s become famous model from TV commercials to Home shopping channel.

Moreover, she played as a mom and even a office worker with her younger look.
That made her versatile.

She mentioned that after she got pretty face and body, she will continuously do many activities as much as she can.

24th July 2014