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Reconstructive rhinoplasty

2014-08-20 16:25
dr dong yeon hwang rhinoplasty nose surgery nose a

[Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang at ID Hospital, Korea]

[NEWSis] June 27th, 2014
The original article can be retrieved from http://www.newsis.com/ar_detail/view.html?ar_id=NISX20140627_0013011725&cID=10204&pID=10200

Revisional nose surgery

Ms. Kim who had rhinoplasty 7 years ago will visit the plastic surgery hospital again next month. She augmented her nose as high as possible and has been stressed out because her impression looks so strong due to her towering nose. Also, in her photos, her nose looks so obvious. Therefore, Ms. Kim decided to have revisional nose surgery, and she will not be greedy this time.

Augmenting nasal dorsum as high as possible was in trend. So, people did not consider their facial contour or balance, but only just tried to make their nose high.

These days, however, a natural looking nose has become popular, rhinoplasty which considers individual’s facial contour and balance occupies majority of nose surgeries. This is why more and more people who had rhinoplasty before without considering ones’ facial contours and balance consider reconstructive rhinoplasty.

Of course, it is difficult to decide to undergo another nose surgery. It is much more difficult if revisional rhinoplasty also went bad. However, a thorough surgical plan should be made by nose specialist based on one’s condition and precise examinations. With the plan, natural nose can be achieved.

Specialists say that the most important thing is to figure out the reason of failure of the first nose surgery. This is why having enough consultation with specialist is an important process.

These days, the result of surgery can be expected through 3D virtual plastic surgery, so even more accurate consultation and surgical plan are possible. Also, not only nasal dorsum, but the overall harmony of the forehead, nose dorsum, nasal tip, and the tip of chin are considered together to achieve the most ideal profile.

If the uses of implants on the nasal dorsum and nasal tip are different, very natural nose line can be completed, especially when it is viewed by the front and side. In the case of reconstruction rhinoplasty, the health condition and functional aspect of nose should also be considered. Nasal tissues can be damaged from the previous nose surgery, so limited incision is required to minimize tissue damage.

Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang at ID Hospital advises that, “it is important to design the shape of nose which goes well with the face of a patient and complement the surgical plan to complete pretty and health nose, but it is better to have functional treatment by an ENT doctor simultaneously to check conditions of nasal bone, nasal septum, and nasal tissue.

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