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Double eyelid surgery – which surgical method is appropriate for you, incision or non-incision?

2014-08-26 13:25
Dong-yeon Hwang popular eye petit plastic surgery

[Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang at ID Hospital in Korea]

[Daily UNN] July 29th, 2014
The original article can be retrieved from http://news.unn.net/news/articleView.html?idxno=137477

Double eyelid surgery – which surgical method is appropriate for you, incision or non-incision?

Among various kinds of plastic surgeries, double eyelid surgery is the most popular plastic surgery. Because it is so common, it is said that even it’s not a surgery. It is not too much to say that double eyelid surgery is the most popularized plastic surgery. Even normal people are familiar with the medical terms, such as incisional or non-incisional.

Double eyelid surgery is performed by connecting skin and muscles of eyelids. The surgical method can be roughly divided into two big categories: incision (skin cutting) and non-incision (creating tiny holes).

Incisional method is appropriate for the patients who have thick or sagging skin, or extra muscles or fatty tissue. This method cuts skin and ties the skin to the muscles, so the creases are clear and hardly fixed and the risk for untying is very low.

However, the eyes could look unnatural and awkward, some patients are reluctant to take this incisional method. Therefore, “Skinny incision” which complements above problems has preferred these days.

“Skinny incision” is different from the general incision in that the new method removes all the fat and muscles, leaving proper amount of fat and muscles and then makes the creases. Because the creases are slim, the double eyelids look natural. Patients who do not like unnatural and thick creases can be satisfied with “Skinny incision.”

On the other hand, non-incision is appropriate for those who have thin skin and less muscles and fat. Because no incision will be made, this method has faster recovery period than that of incisional method and rarely leaves scars. However, creases made from non-incisional method can be easily untied. To complement the flaw, “Seven-lock non-incision” has achieved its fame and been briskly performed.

“Seven-lock non-incisional method” has been developed from the previous non-incision which had 4-5 points. The new method has 7 points and makes creases. Therefore, the risk of untying becomes rare and the double eyelids look natural. The new method also gives clear creases as if incisional method were performed.

Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang advises that “There are many patients who already decide which surgical method they will go for before they visit the hospital. However, it is very important to have professional consultation with eye surgery specialist to exactly figure out the thickness of eyelids, the extent of sagging, the amount of fat and muscles, and so forth. Based on the consultation, a surgical method can be decided to achieve satisfying result and to avoid revisional eye surgery.”

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