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The Trend of Breast Augmentation, making them bigger is simple, maintaining naturality is what’s important!

2014-09-05 17:06
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[Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang, a plastic surgery specialist at ID Hospital]

[Wstar news] Aug. 6th, 2014
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The Trend of Breast Augmentation, making them bigger is simple, maintaining naturality is what’s important!

Mammoplasty is the fastest and surest way to enlarge breasts. The characteristics of the recent breast augmentation surgery is the use of safe implants and minimal incision, resulting in an elevated safety and fast recovery. So, reluctance pertaining to breast augmentation have been reduced greatly. Breast surgery which only focuses on enlarging the breasts can provide patients with another complex – unnatural breasts.

Then, what is the hottest trend of breast augmentation? On the basis of the enlargement of the size of breasts, it is the real Bikini breasts that are naturally gathered and make a V-shaped cleavage when a woman is standing still.

Even though a patient is satisfied with the result of breast surgery, the patient’s chest looks wide and the shape of breasts would not be pretty if her breasts are far apart. Also, in order to look good and sexy while wearing any type of bikini, a natural breast line should be achieved above and below the implants. Natural breast line is deceivable and not overwhelming to others.

Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang at ID Hospital states that “In order to achieve the natural shape of breasts, the most appropriate size and type of implants should be chosen, based on the various examinations to figure out different individual’s different body composition. It is mandatory process to achieve an unnoticeable result, such as wavy movement when a person moves or natural spread when a person lies down.

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