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V-Line surgery to improve square jaw and to avoid reconstructive plastic surgery

2014-09-16 11:27
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The comprehensive testing system for safe plastic

Above Image: V-Line Surgery before and after Photos
Below Image: Partial Images of the Comprehensive Testing System for Safe Plastic Surgery

[Ajunews] Sep. 11th, 2014
The original article can be retrieved from http://www.ajunews.com/view/20140911155146622

V-Line surgery to improve square jaw and to avoid reconstructive plastic surgery

Asian women prefer dimensional and small Caucasian’s facial contour. This can be the reason for a recent increase in demand for facial bone contouring surgery.

However, some results of angular jaw reduction surgery are not satisfying and require reconstructive surgery. The reason for complaint is that the prominent mandibular angles from profile have been improved, but the improvement of the frontal look is minor. Or, the chin is not slim enough, so it looks like a blunt U-shaped. Moreover, the length of chin is not in balance with the overall face.

According to Dr. Park, Sang Hoon, plastic surgery specialist at ID Hospital, “Before T-osteotomy has been developed, it was difficult to obtain satisfying v-lined jaw contour. Only prominent mandibular angles were trimmed out or the jaw was shaved by one touch from the right end of jaw to the left end, so the slimming effect from the frontal view was minute or the chin became blunt U-shaped. Even worse, secondary angles were sometimes developed.”

The surgical technique of V-Line surgery with T-osteotomy was introduced in the Journal of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, and its superiority was admitted. As for the procedure, T-shaped osteotomy is made on the chin. The fractured, middle bone is removed and side fractured bones are gathered and fixed. Then, the protruding edges will be smoothly shaved out.

Because the surgery on the chin can be performed precisely, a perfect V-Line is achievable, as well as the width, the length, and the angle of chin is manageable. Therefore, T-osteotomy is used not only for V-Line surgery, but also for an improvement on mandibular prognathism (protruding chin), facial asymmetry, and short chin (weak chin). T-osteotomy is made under and by avoiding the nerves to ensure patient’s safety.

No matter how safe the surgery would be, the surgery is performed under general anesthesia, thorough examinations before surgery are mandatory.

In order to check whether patents are eligible for general anesthesia, examinations for chronic diseases, blood test, and other diseases should be done. Moreover, tests for osteoporosis and the density of bone are recommended to check the health of bone.

For the first in the country, ID Hospital provides patients who will undergo facial bone contouring surgery and orthognathic surgery with a comprehensive testing system for safe plastic surgery for free.

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