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Facial bone contouring surgery for better first impression in seeking for jobs

2014-09-22 16:22
Seung Il Chung, ID Hospital, v-line surgery, cheek

[Seung Il Chung, M.D., Ph.D., at the facial bone contouring center of ID Hospital]

Annual fall season job market just started! A real face with facial bone contouring surgery is much more beneficial than photoshoped face!

As the fall semester starts, students are busy for preparing job market.

Not only GPA, awards, internships, and so forth, but resume and a letter of self-introduction should be well prepared. Because of high competition, however, things that used to be unique became so common. So, even the photo on the resume should look good to appeal oneself that his or her personality is as good as their photos.

These days, almost all job seekers photoshop their photos, and there are even professional photo studios which are specialized in taking a photo for resume. Job seekers take photos at those studios to change their images, not just to hide their moles or dark spots. Photoshopping for resume is even called photo-plastic surgery. However, if a photo is too much photoshopped or a person look totally different from his or her photo, it could affect negative effect on the job seeker.

If you are told that you have bad impression, you’d better create your own gestures to overcome the complexes or do the facial massages to achieve brighter impressions. However, you have bad impression for fundamental reasons, undergoing plastic surgery could be one option.

Dr. Seung Il Chung at ID Hospital states that “The amount of consultations has been increased since the summer break. Male patients pursue trustworthy and upright impressions, and cheekbone reduction surgery, V-Line surgery, and nose surgery are their main interests. On the other hand, female patients want smooth and neat impressions via V-Line surgery and anti-aging procedures to look young. Most of them are job seekers aiming for the job market in the fall, and the recovery period is their point concerns.”

Dr. Chung also mentions that “People who have prominent cheekbones look old and strong, and angular mandibular angles make people look unfriendly and inflexible. Therefore, achieving smooth facial contour helps people have soft and bright impressions.”

The orginal article is published on Sep. 13th, 2014 and retrieved from http://wstarnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=03&c1=03&c2=03&c3=00&nkey=201409121004551&mode=sub_view

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