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Hesitating to have facial bone contouring surgeries due to metal fixation pins? “Pin Removal Surgery” is the key!

2014-09-26 10:32
Ji Hyuck Lee, facial bone contouring surgery, v li

[Dr. Ji Hyuck Lee is consulting a patient]

Hesitating to have facial bone contouring surgeries due to metal fixation pins? “Pin Removal Surgery” is the key!

Some people who underwent cheekbone reduction surgery and V-line surgery achieved small faces and live very satisfying lives. Others, however, feel uncomfortable due to fixation metal pins even though the pins are not harmful to human body at all.

After facial bone contouring surgery, fixation pins help fractured bones fix hardly to each other and help skin and muscles be positioned well. There are absorbable fixation pins, but metal fixation pins are often used.

Not like melting fixation pins, metal alignment pins are not absorbed and exposed on X-ray after surgery. When patients visit dental clinics or go for a trip by passing through an airport security, metal pins are exposed. If patients do not want to reveal the fact that they underwent surgeries, they need “Pin Removal Surgery.”

Dr. Ji Hyuck Lee at ID Hospital states that “Pin Removal Surgery has become an issue as more and more people underwent facial bone contouring surgery. Patients who had or consider the surgery are reluctant to have metal pins inside of their bodies and do not want others know what kinds of surgeries they underwent, based on the locations of pins.”

Pins are used for two areas: cheekbone (zygoma) or chin. When cheekbone reduction surgery is performed, metal fixation pins are used on the ends of zygomatic arches. When V-Line surgery or Mini V-Line surgery is performed, T-osteotomy is made on the chin and fractured bones are gathered and fixed by pins. It roughly takes 6 months for the bones to be completely reunited, so Pin Removal Surgery can be applied 6 months after the surgery. Please note that, however, the pins are composed of the same material which is used for teeth implants at dental clinic. That is the pins are innocuous and safe, so they do not need to be removed.

The orginal article is published on Sep. 17th, 2014 and retrieved from http://wstarnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=03&c1=03&c2=03&c3=00&nkey=201409171622021&mode=sub_view

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