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Revision Facial Contouring Surgery at ID Hospital

2014-10-28 15:00


Revision Facial Contouring Surgery at ID Hospital

A small, thin, cute, young face is the prerequistive nowadays. Since Asians tend to have flatter, larger faces than westerners, more and more asians turn to plastic surgery to even out their facial balance and harmony. Surgeries such as square jaw surgery, zygoma reduction, and other facial contouring surgeries. However sometimes surgeries dont turn out the way they may want it to be, so the demand for revision surgery is becoming more and more high.

Plastic surgery specialist Dr. Chung Seung Il (ID Hospital) says, " facial contouring revision surgery is always more difficult than the first because the structure and soft tissue have already been damaged from the first surgery." He also states, "Since it is a surgery that requires general anesthesia, it is a big surgery and should be taken very seriously with precision, more than the first surgery."

When considering revision facial contouring surgery, the most important factor is to first, identify the problem as well as how much can be corrected. This should be deiscussed between the patient and the doctor during the consultation prior to surgery for the best result.

For example, in the case of a square jaw revision surgery, the unsatisfactory result could be lumpiness, unevenness, etc.

Although some problems can be visible just by looking at it, some are not visible to the naked eye. Sometimes special equipment such as a 3-D CT scanner is required in order to understand the facial bone structure on a more precise level.

But the most important factor of all is for the patient to find the best, most expereienced medical staff who specializes not only in the surgery, but in revision cases. Revision cases hold higher risks, complications, and should be trusted in the right hands with the best technology. The patient and the doctor should come to an understanding, this is what is key.

At ID Hospital, we not only have doctors who specialize in each of their fields, but also doctors who specialize in revision cases as well, so you don"t need to worry!

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