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First impression and the impact your face has on it

2014-10-30 17:18

According to research studies, the first impression of someone is usually determined within 5 seconds. Such factors that help with determining the first impression are the eyes, bridge of the nose, and the lips are all known to have a great impact on the overall image and appeal of the face.

With this being said, the square jaw and wide face is an example to show a more rugged impression. Also, if the cheekbones are wide or protruded, then the image can be masculine or rugged.

In most cases, an ideal eyes, nose, and lips can give someone a nice image, and that is why most people these days are looking into a reputable hospital to undergo the knife.

Creating a symmetrical and attractive face is a given, but we aim at balancing the ideal ratio and facial balance while restoring harmony and proportion.

ID Hospital plastic surgery Dr. Kim Tak-Ho states, "the most ideal way to create an attractive face is to smoothly change the contours of the face so they align well with each other. Balancing the face is much more important than just trying to make it small and cute."

At ID Hospital, we offer the best technology and most skilled hands, so give us a call.