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Why men desire and need plastic surgery! Why ID Hospital is the best for male plastic surgery~

2014-10-31 14:33

Not only is V Line Surgery the rave among women these days, but it is popular and highly demanded by men as well. These days, men are more and more seeking professional service to acheive a beautiful, harmonious face.

The desire to cultivate beauty by means of grooming, skin care, etc. is increasing these days. Most men tend to have thick skin and wide pores and non-elastic skin. So, they tend to need more skin care than women do, actually.

Another common interest is that these days men tend to visit beauty shops more, thus beauty shops have more and more mens sections. Some even offer massages and creams that increase elasticity in the skin, but making facial contours such as protruded cheek more apparent.

Dr. Chung Seung Il, a plastic surgeon at ID Hospital, states that, " Facial contouring surgeries such as mandible reduction, otherwise known as V Line Surgery, has always been highly demanded among men. However, nowadays, cheekbone surgery has also become just as needed and highly demanded as well."

He also added, " this is because most men, and women, these days not only just want a masculine look, but a charming, soft appeal as well." Reducing the cheekbones so that they are more harmonious with your other facial features is crucial for that type of appeal.

When undergoing cheekbone reduction surgery, it is important that the doctor understands the difference between a women"s facial contour as well as a man"s facial contour. The doctor must skillfully create a soft image, yet still masculine and rugged for a man, while soft and feminine for a female.

At ID Hospital, our doctors specialize in not only female and male surgeries, but understand the critical difference between an Asian and a westerner"s facial contour