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Ulthera for skin lifting! Don"t forget to check certificates

2014-11-05 17:28


All women desire young and elastic skin. These days, women prefer a natural looking face over artificial beauty, so they put more money and time on skin care. As the skin care market grows, many dermatologists are presenting all different types of laser treatments. Among them, ‘Ulthera’ is one of most popular laser treatment.

Dermatologist Dr. Minjoo Kim, from ID Dermatology says, “Ulthera is especially famous for its exceptional lifting results, many dermatological clinics are starting to use it” “You need to make sure that if well-experienced, professional dermatologist is performing your procedure with authentic machine. You need to verify their certificates since Ulthera is quite a luxurious procedure.

Ulthera is the FDA-cleared procedure for its lifting result. Number of shots vary depends on skin aging, areas, patient’s age and so on. Ulthera intensely penetrates into facial plane with ultrasound. For these reasons, this procedure has to be performed by a well-experienced professional dermatologist for patient’s safety and highly satisfactory results. That’s why medical personnel who uses ‘Ulthera’ machine must have this ‘certificates of completion’

This certificate is only given to medical personnel who have purchased genuine machine, only uses genuine tips and have years of experiences on this field.

Dermatologist Dr. Minjoo Kim, who has this certificate says, “You may think Ulthera is very simple procedure, because washing face and wearing make-up is possible immediately after procedure without redness or having dead skin cells. However, it actually requires very high-level techniques since its excellent lifting result are almost the same as facelift.” She also said, “If the procedure is performed by uncertified medical personnel, it may cause danger and side effects such as skin burn or awful, unsatisfactory results.