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So what"s the difference between filler and botox injections?

2014-11-06 17:24


Non-complex surgical procedures for enhancements and improvements to overall accentuate your other facial features. Procedures ranging from fat grafting to injections for a more radiant, incandescent, younger appeal.
Why change completely, when you can improve and enhance~

No down time
No recovery time

The difference between Filler and Botox injections

Botox and fillers complement each other, they are not interchangeable, since Botox relaxes muscle movement and fillers replace volume loss. Each physician has his/her own preference of products to use so you need to find someone you trust.

Botox and fillers are not the same thing. Many people think they perform the same basic function of filling in wrinkles, but they don"t. It"s true that they lessen the appearance of wrinkles, but many people don"t realize that they work quite differently.

Filler Injections
Perfection and enhancement without surgery?
Want a taller nose bridge for your low nose?
Have a flat forehead you want to volumize?
Receeding chin you want to plump up?
Small lips you want to plump up?
Smile lines you want to diminish?
Interested in love bands under the eyes?

Eye wrinkles such as crows feet?
Forehead wrinkles that make you look old or angry?
Wrinkles between your eyes or brows?
Bunny lines?

Fillers fill and Botox relaxes. Once you understand that the muscle movement is what"s creating the wrinkle -- especially on the forehead, then it"s clearer. Botox relaxes the muscle that"s creating the wrinkle, as opposed to filler which simply fills in the wrinkle with product.

or other options~

Fat Grafting
Fat is harvested and grafted into the forehead to achieve a healthier, well-balanced, natural, and younger looking face

ideal for: People with no dimension or volume in their face

graft areas: flat forehead, receeding chin, flat cheeks, indented temples, under eyes, etc.

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