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Goddess injection for your dry skin during winter time!

2014-11-07 17:27


Goddess injection for your dry skin during winter time!

Why do you have to give more attention to skin care especially in winter? That’s because you can warm up your body with thick jacket, but your face can be easily exposed to cold wind and various harmful substances, result in dry and uneven skin tone.

Giving a constant massage and expensive creams can also be helpful for your skin, but effects do not last long. Since end of year is a party season, a lot of women are looking for a procedure that is very effective with no down-time.

Now and then these women visit dermatology to upgrade their skin with a simple injection (filler). Many injections are available today, such as moisture injection, honey-glow injection etc.. However, they often feel only filling moisture is not enough for their extremely dry skin in winter.

ID Dermatology’s Dr. Min-Joo Kim says, “As you know, winter is the most difficult season for skin care. I want you to focus on these three elements which is ‘Moisture care’ for dryness, ‘Elasticity care’ to avoid aging, ‘Reproducing care’ to restore glowing skin tone.

She also says, “Goddess injection can improves these three elements simultaneously. Not only it fills the deep inside of your skin with moisture but also reproduces collagen, it will improve your skin elasticity as well as small wrinkles and large pores, while making your dark and uneven skin much brighter and shiny.”

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