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Volume’ is the key! All about filler injection.

2014-11-12 15:27


Volume’ is the key! All about filler injection.

Q. What is the ‘filler injection’?

A. Filler injection is for those areas lack of volume such as under eye and cheek and improves wrinkles around mouth. It is considered to be quite easy and simple procedure compared to fat grafting and silicone implant, but shows improvements immediately. Especially it is strongly recommended for women who are over 40s, as it gives instant volume to the face and helps them to look dramatically younger and brighter.

Q. How long does it take? What about anesthesia?

A. It only takes 10 minute! Some office workers use their lunch time for the procedure and go back to work right away. Generally one session is enough, but some cases require one extra session for the re-touch, considering whole balance of the face.
Anesthesia is usually not necessary, but it depends on the injected area. Some latest filler products contain ingredients of anesthesia.

Q. Who is not eligible for filler injection? Any cautions before & after procedure?

A. A There’s not much things to be careful of. You can just go back to your daily life. You can also wash your face immediately without a problem! In addition, most people are not allergic to the filler injection. Although, we highly recommend a consultation with professional dermatologist for those who had nose implant surgery, but want to have filler injection, since there is a chance of getting some side effects.

Q. Are there various kinds of fillers?

A. Yes, these days there are numerous kinds of filler available from low-cost products to safety-proven products. Restylane and juvederm is most widely known fillers. Therefore, it is very important to check exactly which filler that will be used and how much amount to be injected.

Q. Are there any side effects? Does it melt?

A. Filler is the one of the procedure that has almost no side effects. Some people are concerned that the filler may be melted down inside of the skin. However, filler consist of hyaluronic acid which is the same with body’s internal component, so there is no adverse reaction.

Q. How long is the lasting period?

A. Depends on cases, but it normally lasts 18 months. The volume will be slowly decreased over time, just like the general aging process.

Q. Is there particular reason to go to a professional dermatologist when every other clinic has this procedure?

A. As filler injection is relatively simple, some dentist, oriental medical clinic and even pediatric clinic have this procedure with discounted price. However, it’s very important for you go to dermatologist in order to ensure filler’s safety and harmonious combination of whole face, and avoid possible dangers such as blood vessel accident. As mentioned above, there are numerous kinds of fillers available in the market, so please make sure to check if they are using safety- proven filler and adequate amount is being used.

Answered by Derrmatologist Dr. Minjoo Kim, ID Dermatology