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Check out her amazing review and update after facial bone contouring and double jaw surgery! Isn"t she so beautiful now?

2014-12-05 16:04

Two jaw surgery, cheekbone reduction amazing before & after!

Two jaw surgery, cheekbone reduction
amazing before & after!

Hyerim Cha, a Musical actress

Age : 27
Concerns : Mandibular prognathism, facial asymmetry, long face, malocclusion
Surgery type : No-tie two jaw surgery, Cheekbone reduction surgery

My concern was mandibular prognathism as well as facial asymmetry.

I am a musical actress and also a teacher, but low confience in my apperance was keep bothering me. I also had biting problems, so chewing food and digestion was really hard. Then one day, I’ve decided to undergo surgery.

My parents stongly disgreed on the surgery, but I already made up my mind. ID hospital was the first hospital I visited for consultation, but as soon as I see Dr. Sang hoon Park, I knew this was the place I should have a surgery. I could not wait till the surgery date!

One week post surgery

I could breathe easily immediately after surgery because I had ‘No-tie Two Jaw surgery.’

All nurses at ID hospital were very attentive and looked after me so well, I was really impressed.

After discharge, I saw myself in the mirror while I was gargling, I couldn’t believe that my face and jaw became so much shorter and small. I’ve started brushing my teeth from today. I also had free FACE-DIET treatment care at hospital for the harsh swelling.

The recovery process was not too awful to endure than I expected, I don’t know why I was so nervous and afraid of the surgery. I will keep drinking pumpkin juice (which is excellent for swelling reduce, I’ve got it from the hospital) and start walking slowly for the faster recovery. 🙂

2weeks post surgery

Stitches are removed today! It was pretty hurt, but I felt so good afterwards.

Now I can have more various foods and don’t have to wear wafer mold anymore when I eat.

I’ve started mouth exercise from today. Wearing facial band is also over!

I feel so excited because everything is getting better and better slowly, swelling is a lot reduced. I love my new face, it looks much softer and feminine already. ^^

1month post surgery

Wafer is finally over! Post orthodontic treatment has been started.

There are still some bruises left, I think I have it for quite long time compared to other patients.

2month post surgery

I still have some light bruises, but I can cover it with make-up. My face looked quite fluffy for one month, but now it looks much more natural. I’ve been going outside often for a walk and meet friends. Some friends didn’t recognize me since I’ve changed dramatically.. Everyone loved my neew face! I’ve been taking thousands of selfies these days. 😀

3month post surgery

It’s already been 3 month since the surgery. People who don’t know about the surgery were quite surprised and keep asking me what I did. ^^

They wouldn’t have any clue that I’ve undergone two jaw surgery. They think I had some filler injection or something like that. Lol When I tell them the truth, some say don’t bother telling about it to other people, since it’s hardly noticeable.

Recently I went to the hair salon, and they said I had such a lovely face contour! This was the first time I’ve ever had that kind of compliment. I’m getting numerous compliments from everywhere these days. I really want to say thank you to Dr. Sang hoon Park and the nurses who took such a good care of me all the time.

6month post surgery

Now I’m so tired of hearing compliments. Lol My students call me ‘celebrity teacher’ lol

It’s been 6 month already, I can fully open my mouth and eat whatever I want to eat. Chewing hard meat is not a problem either! My job is a musical actress, but before the surgery I had limitation of getting important roles.

But now I have much more opportunities and I’ve gained so much confidence for my appearance. I truly regret why I didn’t get the surgery even earlier. Lol

My parents were against the surgery at first time, but they could not look more satisfied. Everything is perfect. J

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