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Two jaw surgery before & after and reviews

2014-12-05 17:32

Junghoon"s Surgery diary

Age: 27

Concerns : Mandibular prognathism, Malocclusion

Occupation: Office worker

Surgery type: No-tie two jaw surgery

I was being bullied often at school since when I was young because of my jaw.

I still have severe mandible prognathism and malocclusion, so I have low confidence and problems of socializing.

I finally decided to have surgery after a deep consideration. I was terribly afraid till I made up my mind, but for my brighter future I have visited ID hospital. I’m so looking forward to seeing my new face. Please give me support!

Date of surgery

Finally the surgery is over. I was nervous before the surgery, but I’m happy that it’s finished safely.

I had little bit of hard time because of phlegm inside my throat, but all nurses were really helpful. My parents were worried about me a lot, but they seemed relieved when the surgery finished.

My shortened face was so surprising! Thank god I have no more madibular prognathism.

1 week after

I went to the hospital 1 week after surgery. I feel so comfortable after stitch removal~

Doctor says the surgery was successful, me and my parents were so happy. J

I’ve been doing a mouth exercises everyday as I am told I should be able to open my mouth at least about one finger size. I’ve been eating porridge, silken tofu, steamed egg and fruit juices, having food gives me a lot of energy!

I also stared brushing my teeth carefully. My biggest concern is swelling, so I’ve been having FACE-DIET treatment care which is provided by id hospital.

2 weeks after

Swelling has subsided a lot, I slowly can see my face contour! FACE-DIET swelling care system is excellent, I feel like I’m in heaven now. I look at myself in the mirror every morning. I’ve been going outside a lot these days. All my friends love my new face!’

I didn’t know I could look so much different like this. I will focus on reducing swelling from now on.

4 weeks after

Nurses at Id dental looked so surprised as I visited for the braces today. They said I look much younger after surgery. J I’ve gained a lot of confidence! I can look strangers in the eyes and say hello now. I was extremely shy before the surgery, but it’s amazing how the surgery can change my personality.

2 months after

It’s been 2month from the surgery. Until 2month, my cheek was big and I had hard time eating hard food. But now everything became easier and there’s no problem! I’m even gaining some weights since I eat so much. Lol

I have this new habit that I stare myself in the mirror. I hated taking photos before the surgery, but I am becoming big fan of selfie! It’s also good to see my teeth getting aligned by the braces.

3 month after

It’s been months. People who I newly met don’t know that I had two jaw surgery. Now I have no problem with eating, working and going out. Swelling seems almost gone, I’m only focusing on brushing teeth.

6 months after

No swelling left anymore, everything came back to normal. Post orthodontic treatment is almost finished too. I’m going a lot of trips alone these days. Also doing work out and sometimes climb mountains.

I think I became a different person. I’ve gained a lot of confidence and great attitude towards my life. I’m greatly happy about my appearance now. It is like Two jaw surgery gave me another life.

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