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Surgery diary : Male nose surgery

2014-12-18 15:59

Name: Kangjin Lee
Age: 25
Symptoms: Crooked nose, humped nose
Surgery type: Male nose surgery

Hello, I’ve decided to undergo rhinoplasty to correct my crooked and humped nose.

I’m so looking forward to the surgery date! Since normally I don’t take much of selfies, I gurantee that these photos will be so realistic without any tricks involved. Lol I don’t want to fake anyone, I just want to show my real progress and results to everyone.

Here are the photos of me before having surgery done.

I was asleep during the surgery, it’s quite amazing. If I lie down doing nothing after being injected, my eyes automatically closed. When I wake up, everything is finished!

I quickly returned home while I still had some drowsy feelings. There was no pain, I was just a bit dizzy. But one hour later, those feeling disappeared suddenly.
I was not supposed to be get water on my face, so I just went back to sleep.

<1 week after surgery>

Even my eyes were swollen for a week. I’ve seen other patients who had more swelling than me, I think mine is not too bad.

I’ve been cleaning inside of my nose 3 times a day since the date of surgery.

I felt so happy after removing taping and stitches!

My friends say my nose looks so natural and makes me more sophisticated. It’s been only one week, can you believe it?? Thank you so much, doctor

<2 weeks after the surgery>

Before I had surgery, I really didn’t like taking photos from the side. I couldn’t imagine I could look so different by only having my nose done! Everyone’s asking if I actually had only nose surgery. Actually I wanted to have other surgeries together but couldn’t afford it.. lol

Before the surgery, when I smile, my nose looked more crooked. Now I don’t need to worry about that! Because of swelling, I still feel a bit uncomfortable though.

<1 month after surgery>

As you can probably see, I didn’t have my nose bridge higher or bigger, only removed humped part. I only used nasal cartilage to make pointy tip without using any implant.

Some people think I would’ve been better if I made my nose tip higher, but I wanted natural result. I’m really happy about my decision.

Time flies~ it’s already been 3 month. I started taking selfies in every different angles. Lol Can you see my straight bridge?? I am taking more photos of my side view. Haha You’ll understand if you have nose surgery!

<6 month after surgery>

Still nobody ever noticed about my surgery! Yay~ lol Thank you so much doctor!

Now I don’t even remember that I had surgery. You can check out my beautiful nose from the photos. Many people give me compliment about my nose.

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