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ID dermatology introduces ‘Body Ulthera’

2015-01-09 17:30


ID dermatology introduces ‘Body Ulthera’

Did you know you can have ‘Ulthera’ for your body too?

1. Non-surgical body lifting
Ulthera offers dramatic lifting result for your body by penetrating deep inside the skin

2. No down-time
It’s quick and simple. There will be no visible scars after procedure and you can go back to your daily life immediately.

3. Lifting effect with one session only
While causing no troubles on skin surfaces, it will make your body much tighter with only one session.

Shoulders, Breasts, Elbows, Knees, Neck, Collarbones, Arms, Stretch marks

-Who concerns about wrinkles around knees and avoids wearing short skirts
-Who doesn’t like wearing low cut top due to wrinkles on neck and collarbones
-Who has sagging breasts
-Who concerns droopy skin on arms
-Who has stretch marks from pregnancy or rapid weight loss
-Who wants to have tighter body skin without having complex surgery

Procedure time: 30mins~ 1 hour, depending on area
Anesthesia : Sleeping anesthesia (Local)
Session term: Once in 1~2 years
Recovery period: No down-time! Go back to daily life straight away!

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