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Plastic surgery Q&A and some useful tips!

2015-02-04 16:06


End and start of the year is always popular season for the students who consider plastic surgery in South Korea. Also many full time workers plan to undergo surgery, using lunar New Year holidays. However, you need to be very careful of choosing the right hospital. Unsuccessful plastic surgery can bring patients huge troubles. ID hospital is answering frequently asked questions and suggesting the things you need to be aware of before and after surgery.

Choose professional surgeon over low price

The student patients using vacation time often seek a financial support from parents or prepare the cost by themselves with part time jobs. This could lead patients to choose the hospital with very low price. However, you have to check whether the hospital have the professional board-certified surgeons with a lot of experiences and safe anesthesia system in order to achieve safe and satisfactory result, rather than only considering the price. Nowadays you can easily check on their websites if the surgeon is a board certified or not.

Check eligible age before the surgery. Pre-health examination is essential

Plastic surgery patients’ age is getting younger and younger. There are many students who just graduated middle school undergoing double eyelid surgery. However, not everyone is eligible. Normally double eyelid surgery can be done after 16 and 19 for nose surgery when the growth has completed stopped. Although double eyelid surgery has no relation to bone growth, in nose’s case, the surgery may bring several side effects including deformation if it’s done before growth stopping.

Especially if you’re considering facial courting or orthognathic surgery, Growth plate test is essential since the facial bone is one of the parts that finish growth the latest. Normally the growth stops by the time patients turn 18. However, to ensure your safety, you have to take a pre-health examination. ID hospital is offering their patients a pre-examination that includes more than 50 types of tests.

Is traveling okay after plastic surgery?

Stitches will be removed in 3~4 days for eyelid surgery and patients can go back to daily life within 1~2 weeks. But we recommend avoiding exercises using a ball, like soccer or baseball in order to prevent possible accidents after the nose surgery. Patients who are university student can go travel or utilize their time studying foreign languages during the vacation.
But if you’re considering two jaw surgery, recovery time will be more than one month.

How can we prevent side effects?

Be aware of these pre-cautions to prevent side effects. Stop drinking or smoking for 2 weeks after surgery. Alcohol increases blood flow rate and body temperature, this can cause infection or harsh swelling and redness. Cigarette may causes infection inside blood vessel and possibly ruins immune system. It’s also important to protect yourself from external shock since the accident can cause deformation for the surgery area. Don’t forget to take medication and put the cream on as instructed by hospital.

Things you need to prepare before the surgery

You need to arrange enough recovery time once you decided to undergo surgery. Even though the most surgeries only require 2~3 days of down-time, it’s recommended that going back to daily activity or work after you get enough rest in order to achieve the optimal result. Drinking alcohol can reduce liver functions which can cause troubles on anesthesia. Taking Aspirin, contraceptive pills and Vitamin E must be stopped from 7 days before the surgery.

Reference: Dr. Sang hoon Park, Dr. Jihyuck Lee, Dr. Inseok Hwang from ID hospital

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