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How to avoid a revision double eyelid surgery

2015-02-06 11:22


How to avoid a revision double eyelid surgery

Many people think that double eyelid is a simple procedure. However, there are many cases of revision surgery due to harsh scarring or unwanted shape.

Junghee Yoo, 30 years old full-time worker underwent double eyelid surgery right before she enters university. She wanted to have natural double eyelid at that time, but now she is considering a revision surgery. People cannot even recognize if she has double eyelids or not because the crease has become too thin after swelling gone.

As the patient’s age is getting younger and younger nowadays, there are increasing reported cases of unsuccessful results or side effects, such as thick and very unnatural crease, too thin crease, asymmetry, unravelled crease and harsh scarring from epicanthoplasty.

Is there anything we need to be aware of when deciding a revision surgery?

Dr. Inseok Hwang from ID hospital, who is board-certified plastic surgeon says, “Double eyelid surgery has become one of the most popular surgery, but there are numerous patients who consider a revision surgery due to unsatisfactory result. You have to know the reason of first surgery"s failure and please be careful of choosing the best method to avoid further revision surgeries. “

If the crease has disappeared, non-incision method can simply correct it. If the crease is too low or thin, creating a new line on upper area can easily resolve the issue.

On the other hand, if your concern is thick and unnatural crease or harsh scarring, the reason is overly designed crease lines or excessive fat tissue that hasn’t’ been removed properly. This can be corrected by removing scar or fat tissue and designing the suitable size of the new creases.

If your double eyelid is asymmetrical, the surgery has to be performed for both eyes in order to create symmetrical and balanced eyes.

Scarring from epicanthoplasty is also a very common problem. Most concerns about the scarring are mostly from epicanthoplasty. This can be improved by Mogolian fold restoration or re-construction surgeries.

Please be aware that you have to wait for the right timing, even though you don’t like the current shape.

Normally, at least 6 months are required for the revision surgery from the first surgery in order to figure out whether the issue is from swelling or a failed surgery. 1 year is recommended for some cases.

If you have an infection on the surgery area, proceed a revision surgery when the infection is completely disappeared. Revision surgery can be performed when the scars becomes soft and have no redness around anymore.

Dr. Hwang then says, “Normally double eyelid surgery method is decided after detailed examinations such as examining an amount and condition of skin tissue, scarring and adhesion tests, upper eyelid muscle test and so on. You need to decide the best method based on the current situation and the test result.”

He also added, “Most importantly, choose the hospital and doctor carefully. Check if the doctor is a board-certified surgeon and has many experiences on eyelid surgeries."

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