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For the Lunar New Year holiday, give your parents the gift of youth with ID Hospital"s Anti-Aging Plastic Surgery!

2015-02-13 11:19


Lunar New Year is coming soon. Everyone is busy buying presents for their loved ones. Especially for the parents, cash or health supplement foods such as red ginseng is one of very popular present.

Yet, nowadays there are increasing demand and interest in ‘anti-aging’ procedures. Anti-aging plastic surgery is becoming popular present for upcoming lunar New Year. The parents even tell their children about type of surgery they wish to have in specific.

This trend is becoming a new culture for people who are in their 50s or 60s. While the younger generation is more interested in enhancing their appearance, on the other hand the older generation wants to maintain the appearance of their younger years.

The most popular procedure is an eyelid surgery, since it’s the most visible part of aging, along with jaw line.

When it comes to the eyelid procedure, people normally think of a simple double eyelid surgery. However, if the sagging skin is covering the eyelid, unnecessary tissue removal or pulling the muscle tight have to be performed together in order to achieve satisfactory result. Otherwise, the sagging skin will not be corrected properly and the creases could be unraveled afterwards.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Young Tae Seo from ID hospital Korea says “If your eyes look small due to sagging and droopy skin, ‘non-incision brow lifting’ is recommended. Non-incision brow lifting pulls the muscle and skin upwards simultaneously, after making an incision through your brow lines in order to minimize the scarring. And then create the double eyelid with ‘seven-lock non incision method’. Since the incision will not be made for this procedure, you can avoid a harsh scarring or bruising. You can go back to your daily life very quickly.”

He also said, “The incision method is commonly performed for older patients’ double eyelid surgery. However, this new procedure that is a mixture of brow lifting and seven lock non incision method is very famous these days as it can make the eyelid upward and fix it tight, while minimizing the scarring.”

For the older patients, it’s advised to have various pre-examinations and consultation with anesthesia professional doctor, especially if the patients are taking any medication or having treatments for high blood pressure, high sugar level or any other diseases. It’s also necessary to quit smoking and drinking from at least 7 days before the surgery.

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