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Mouth protrusion

2015-03-11 15:12

Nowadays, it is quite common for patients who suffer from mouth protrusion to feel insecure about the shape of their mouth. It’s a lot easier for someone to just imagine that if their mouth was just pushed in back how wonderful the result would be, however, experts contradict this saying the surgical plan is a lot more intricate complex than it appears.

ID Hospital’s oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Jong-Yun Kim states, “Patients who suffer from maxillary prognathism or bimaxillary prognathism primarily tend to only focus on the visual appearance of their protruded mouth, when, in fact, an experienced specialist should actually take into consideration both the overall facial form and balance along with the oral structure of the patient in order to conclude the diagnosis and surgical plan accurately.

Generally there are about four different classifications of mouth protrustion, the first: When the teeth stick out, the second: when the gum itself sticks out, third: when both the teeth and the gum stick out, and forth: Mouth protrusion with several causes including microgenia or facial asymmetry with gummy smile

Despite the problems with the gum, if you try to correct this through braces, there may not be any noticeable effect and despite correcting the protruded mouth, a receded chin may become more severe

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