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Is It Advisable to Receive Orthognathic (Two-Jaw) Surgery in This Hot Weather?

2015-05-13 14:19

News 1 (Reporter: Dong Wook Lee)--Though it is only May, the rising temperatures are more indicative or an early summer. On the streets, people wearing short sleeves and summer attire can be seen. With the warming days come increased inquires from patients who are worried about having surgery during this time. Will rising temperatures cause the swelling to fade less rapidly? Will recovery be uncomfortable in warm temperatures?

Plastic surgery specialist Dr. Won Seok Hyun (ID Plastic Surgery Hospital) says “There are patients patients scheduling orthognathic surgery during this time that worry about recovery during warm temperatures. Though we understand patients concerns, they can safely receive orthognathic surgery and recover regardless of the season at hospitals equipped with cutting edge surgery environment, advanced surgery technique, specialized care system etc.”

Another reason why patients can recover comfortably during the summer season is because of the development of “no-tie” orthognathic surgery. In the past, patients who received this surgery had difficulty breathing or ingesting food because of intermaxillary fixation (IMF), a process that ties the upper and bottom teeth together to allow proper healing of the osteotomized jawbone.

However, with the introduction of “no-tie” orthognathic surgery IMF is not required, which allows patients comfortable recovery at any time. Breathing, eating and speaking can occur with ease before and after surgery, which also aids in fast recovery.

Dr. Hyun says “Because of “no-tie” orthognathic surgery, patients have easier recovery, even in the summer, alleviating mental and emotional stress. Because there are no difficulties breathing, patients with nasal inflammation or sinusitis can also receive surgery without any worries. Even without IMF, precise surgery methods allow precise and solid fixation of the osteotomized bone.”

On the other hand, "Torque-free Rigid Internal Fixation" which means adhesion of lower jaw to the exact position, "Super Precision TMJ Registration System" which minimizes disease of jaw joint, "Marginal Muscle Stabilization Procedure" which increases stability of surgery and "Super Precision 3D Modeling" are key techniques of “no-tie” two jaw surgery at ID Hospital. Thereby, fractured bone can be fixed solidly without IMF—a new discovery that speeds up patient recovery.

(Original Korean Article: http://www.news1.kr/articles/?2220931)