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Shall We Achieve a More Graceful Image by Maximum Reduction Cheekbone Surgery?

2015-05-14 15:00

Hangooki- Kim Soo Eun (24, alias) is preparing for interviews in order to enter the job market. She has many worries due to her face shape and protruding cheekbones. She is especially that the sharp and strong image she has due to her large protruding cheekbones will prevent her from giving a good impression at interviews.

She contours her jawline and face with dark shadow to make her face appear as slender as possible and styles her hair in waves to hide her face shape. Though one should try and present a clean image for interviews, her thick makeup and loose hair put her at more of a disadvantage as a prospective job seeker.

ID Hospital’s Dr. Ji Hyeok Lee says, “Cheekbones can make one appear bright and lively however if the cheekbones protrude prominently it can also give a mean and obstinate. To use the face’s 3-dimensionality to your advantage and have a slender and small face shape, one can choose “maximum reduction cheekbone reduction” if cheekbone reduction surgery was not effective.”

Lee continues, “Maximum reduction cheekbone reduction surgery uses a high-L osteotomy to make an incision and remove the protruding part of the side cheekbone (known as the MMP point) to effectively reduce facial width and enhance 3-dimensionality.”

“If the current low-L osteotomy reduces the front cheekbone by 45-90 degrees, the high-L osteotomy goes deeper to reduce a broader angle by 30-90 degrees. It’s not just reduction of the protruding cheekbone but takes into account the balance and harmony of the face shape by finding the ideal MMP point to effectively reduce size.

The biggest and most protruding part of the cheekbone (MMP Point) is moved inwards which helps reduce facial width and also enhances the appearance of your eyes, nose and lips. Because the point of maximum projection is different for each individual, it is important to find the MMP point prior to surgery in order to create the most natural and attractive face shape.

Because osteotomy for maximum reduction cheekbone surgery is made near the orbital bone thorough consultation and extensive examination prior to surgery is needed. As facial bone, muscle and nerves are all handled, a specialized anesthesiologist must be present and safety systems in place in the case of an emergency. Thorough pre-operative exams must also take place prior to surgery to ensure the safest surgery experience for the patient.

ID Plastic Surgery Hospital, known for its “no-tie” orthognathic surgery that does not require intermaxillary fixation, is a reputable hospital-level clinic with advanced systems and technique. In order to have the safest surgery possible, an upgraded safe surgery health examination program has been put into place, which is on level with the pre-operative tests done at university hospitals and include 3D-CT, bone density testing, growth plate test and blood testing. This meticulous testing is required before any bone surgery.

(Original Korean article: http://economy.hankooki.com/lpage/entv/201505/e2015050715380294230.htm)