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The Secret to an Ideal V Line Shape Lies in Chin Length

2015-05-15 15:07

Kuki News (Reporter: Jang Yoon Hyung) - Attaining a slender and small V line shaped face is the wish for many women, which leads to a rise year after year in patients seeking V line surgery as a basic solution.

The popular V Line surgery, previously known as square jaw surgery, is a more recent procedure that allows not only women but all those who have a round or big face to attain a slender V Line shaped face.

Individuals with a prominent square jaw will see striking results; therefore the surgery has a high satisfaction rate, however those with a short jaw and full, round face may not achieve the slender V line shaped face they want, leading to complaints.

Plastic surgery specialist Dr. Kim Tak Ho, of ID Plastic Surgery Hospital, explained, “The cause is that the chin is long. To create an ideal V Line, there is a golden ratio of chin length.”

If the chin is long, it just needs to be minimized to create the slender V line face shape, however if the chin is short, the angle from under the ear to the chin must be gradual so the chin would only look more pointy, and making the entire face shape slender would be difficult.

Dr. Kim says, “If the chin is short, additional surgery to insert an implant or bone graft to lengthen the chin was required which patients did not like. There is a new surgery technique called “Dia V Line,” where a short chin can be lengthened without additional surgery to create the V line, which solves patients concerns.”

The “Dia V Line” uses a special osteotomy technique to create a diamond shaped incision in the jaw bone and gather both sides together to lengthen the bone.

Dr. Kim explains, “The ‘Dia V Line’ surgery allows natural positioning of the chin so even short and wide chins can be made into a slender V line shape. Patients with short and receded chins can also see effective improvement in the appearance of their receded chin.” He further advised, “As this is a complex procedure, it’s important to find an experienced surgeon.”

The “Dia V Line” surgery was introduced at the American Academy of Facial Plastic where it received international commendation.

(Original Korean Article: http://news.kukinews.com/article/view.asp?arcid=0009421089&code=46111301&cp=du)