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For Attention Grabbing Eyes, This is Much Better than Circle Lenses

2015-05-19 16:08


Sports Chosun - Among today’s young generation, cosmetic lenses are growing in popularity.

Among these lenses the best-selling are circle lenses, which when worn make the pupils appear larger, and emphasizing the overall appearance. The benefits of circle lenses are such that many find it hard to stop wearing them once the benefits are seen.

If these lenses are worn for a long period of time or not cleansed correctly, infection of the cornea, inflammation of the cornea can arise as well as occurrence of dry eye or thyroid eye disease. Youth that share lenses with their friends need to be cautioned as they can also incur side effects, the most serious being blindness. There are other recommended methods to get the clear look of circle lenses without the unhealthy side effects. One of the most representative methods is ptosis surgery.

Plastic surgery specialist In Seok Hwang (ID Plastic Surgery Hospital) says, “For big and distinct eyes, the deciding factor is the exposure of the black pupils. When the eye is open naturally, approximately 80-90% of the black pupil should be visible to look beautiful.” Because of this circle lenses were so popular but in thinking about optical health, achieving a clearer look via ptosis surgery is recommended, he stated.

Non-incision ptosis surgery is done by inserting thread from the outside to the inside of the eyelid to make a knot in the muscle that controls the opening and closing of the eye, an action which naturally creates a crease. The muscle that controls eyelid movement becomes short, which allows the individual to open the eye wide without any issues. Because thread is used in the procedure, bruises and swelling are minimal and swelling is fast and the procedure is fast, lasting only about thirty minutes.

Dr. Hwang further advised, “Non-incision ptosis surgery makes the eyes big and defined like you’re wearing circle lenses. In the case where the eyelid droops, giving one a sleepy appearance, or those who have limited change after receiving double-eyelid surgery, can see visible improvements with this procedure. If eyelids are thick or there is severe ptosis, incision surgery may be recommended.”

(Original Korean article http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201505150100170690011794&servicedate=20150515)