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The secret to a great smile to give you confidence in front of the camera

2015-05-21 17:10

W Star News (Reporter: Lee Sun Young) – Ms. A, who is engaged to be married in the fall and has scheduled her pre-wedding photo shoot for May, has a lot of worries. She started braces in order to have a pretty smile on her wedding day, but is concerned that this image will remain on her photos. There is a limit to how many pictures can be photoshopped and removing braces to take photos for one day not only requires time and money but is also unhealthy for the teeth.

Many people choose to have outdoor photography in May because of the gorgeous weather. Outdoor pre-wedding photoshoots or graduation photos are taken often during this time. If one has orthodontics, they are uncomfortable knowing that their image with braces will remain permanently in photos, and can also experience less confidence at gatherings and events.

Orthodontics expert Dr. Yang Gu Lee (ID Dental Clinic) says, “For those who are conscious of the effect that visible orthodontics will have on appearance there is another method. Especially for special events like a wedding where the orthodontic period is short, lingual orthodontics that is not visible to the eye is suitable.”

Lingual orthodontics are applied behind the teeth, making them not as visible when talking or laughing.

Small and slim self-ligation brackets are used for this so it won’t cause irritation or affect pronunciation. If there is limited area for correction, the problem teeth are targeted for specialized correction. If selective lingual orthodontics is done, it saves time and is also more reasonable from a financial perspective.

Dr. Lee said, “Lingual orthodontics done with self-ligation brackets require a visit to the doctor once every 2-3 months compared to regular braces which require frequent visits. For busy individuals, such as women preparing for their wedding, it is a popular procedure.”

(Original Korean article: http://wstarnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=03&c1=03&c2=03&c3=00&nkey=201505141702471&mode=sub_view)