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In the age of healthy beauty, achieve a beautiful, healthy face from skin’s inner layer

2015-05-29 15:56

Wow Star News (Reporter Han Suk Joo) - Standards of beauty are changing. Rather than the pure and feminine character straight from a manga, a healthy image of a curvy woman just exiting the gym after a workout is gaining popularity. Female celebrities are showing toned bodies in tight athletic wear, becoming a hot issue on social media. Though a toned body can be achieved via working out, the face, with fine lines and sagging that occurs with age, needs extra care.

ID Dermatology’s Min Joo Kim (dermatology specialist) says, “Different from the body, facial skin is more fragile and is affected by gravity and the passing of time, therefore elasticity fades causing sagging. In order to delay the signs of aging as much as possible a peaceful and healthy mind and body, eating and other daily habits must be improved and it is also advantageous to receive specialized elasticity care.”

The hottest lifting technique today is known as “ulthera.” Ultera is a technique gaining momentum for being used by TV broadcasters and celebrities. Among these treatments, “Ultmage 2X” also provides Thermage at the same time, which tightens skins inner and outer layer at the same time. Therage is known as the anti-aging method for Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow and is acknowledged by the FDA and KFDA as a safe technique known for lifting effects and wrinkle improvement.

Dr. Kim says, “If laser is used on skin’s outer layer, visible pores and patchiness will be improved, making skin brighter and better looking however these effects will not last for long. With Ultera, skins inner layer is made firm and thermage used to tighten skin’s outer layer to provide complete lifting.”

“Ultmage 2X” is applied to skin’s most problematic areas via shots and is done under local anesthesia so there is no pain during and after the procedure.

(Original Korean Article: http://wowstar.wowtv.co.kr/news/view.asp?newsid=64425)