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Fixing Front Teeth Alone Can Raise Your Happiness & Confidence

2015-06-02 15:36

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Data News (Reporter: Lee Jung Hyung) - Ms. A (23), currently readying herself for employment has failed one intern interview after another. Her grades and English skills are perfect and she has clear features in a pretty face, but because of her complex about her front teeth whenever she opens her mouth she becomes self conscious. In an interview, unable to smile brightly or speak confidently, she decided to look for a dentist to fix her front teeth.

Recently celebrities photos before and after orthodontics have been becoming a hot issue. Fixing your teeth alone can being big change to your image, therefore there are many college students and adults starting orthodontics before interviews or other important events.

Orthodontics specialist Dr. Yang Gu Lee (ID Dental Clinic) says, “If there is a gap between your front teeth, your appearance can be said to have individuality, however it could be difficult to give a sophisticated or trustworthy impression, which could be why many people seek correction.” He further advised that since plaque or debris can build up in the space, if proper care is not taken, there can be corrosion or decay, therefore closing the gap with sectional orthodontics can be good for your dental health as well as bring positive change physically.

Sectional orthodontics provides a quick fix solution to problematic areas. This is especially helpful for front teeth, which are easily visible, such as gapped front teeth, crooked or protruding front teeth, rabbit front teeth and front teeth that turn inwards. Correction can help restore confidence and help bring back your smile.

Though the orthodontics period is short, it can be uncomfortable because of its visibility. At ID Dental Clinic, smaller one-touch self-litigation brackets are used, which don’t affect the appearance as much as regular brackets and wires that are usually used for correction and also don’t affect speech, therefore there is little interference with daily life.

Dr. Lee says, “Because the front teeth are so visible, fixing them alone can be as effective as having correction on your entire mouth. The price and period of time for sectional orthodontics is also attractive to patients.”