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Plastic Surgery Before & After: 5 Holistic Tips to Consider Before A Cosmetic Procedure, Augmentation, Botox, Liposuction & Imp

2015-06-03 15:36

There are many things to consider before getting a plastic surgery procedure, but little do patients know that there are pre-operative actions that can be taken as well to reduce the overall stress that comes with such a procedure.

Kim West lists five simple, holistic to help any patient prepare for surgery and be in optimal condition to reduce swelling and discomfort during and after.

Food Intake. Focus on whole foods, a variety of colors, rich in healthy fats (think salmon, olive oil, avocados and nuts), and in lean proteins (organic grass-fed meats, tofu, beans, and wild fish).
"You are sacrificing a lot of money and time to make yourself look your best and want to make sure your lifestyle and diet are supporting your optimal beauty goals," Jelena advised.

Drink Wisely. Petkovic says stop coffee and black tea and switch to green tea. "Coffee and tea can stress out your body and decrease the circulation to the skin making healing difficult."

Cut out the Sweets. Stop all sugar and sugar alternatives! "Among other health effects, these products deform proteins and collagen needed for optimal skin health," Jelena explained. "Additionally, foods high in refined sugar aid yeast overgrowth in the body, promoting inflammation and suppressing immune function."

Vital Vitamins. Although vitamin K, B vitamins, fish oils, are fantastic for skin circulation and repair after procedure, Petkovic instructs that before surgery they could increase bleeding time. "Stop all of these one week before your procedure and start again when your doctor clears you," she said.

Eat Clean. "Avoid fried foods, gluten, and dairy which will feed poor bacteria and candida in your body creating a poor environment for nutrient absorption," Jelena explained. "Since we depend on proper nutrients for healing, repair and proper anesthesia detoxification pathways, these inflammatory foods should be avoided at all costs both before and after a treatment."

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