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Want an "idol" face? Contact ID Hospital to see how we can help!

2015-06-09 11:12


A sharp rise in the number of Chinese tourists visiting Korea for plastic surgery can be attributed to many reasons, among them the skill and reputation of Korean surgeons, however it can be argued that the increasing popularity of Korean entertainment is also an underlying factor. Korean “idols,” refer to the young, fresh-faced singers and actors that are leading the cultural entertainment phenomenon that has spread not only to neighboring Asian countries, but also to countries throughout the world.

Medical tourists from China and other countries oft cite the doe eyes, glowing youthful skin, and small faces of Korean idols as ideal and seek to emulate those features with help from cosmetic surgeons.

At ID Hospital, there are various procedures that can help one achieve the “idol” look. Double-eyelid surgery with canthoplasty for naturally large, clear eyes, fat graft to give dimensionality to the face, and V line or mandible reduction surgery to gracefully slim the jawline are just a few of the most requested surgeries.

If you are thinking about visiting Korea for surgery, please do contact us at doctor@idhospital.com to see how our doctors can help make your dream face a reality!

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