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FAQ about Eyelid Surgery

2015-07-02 16:36


FAQ about Eyelid Surgery

Q. Is non-incision method easily unraveled?

A. There has been many unraveling cases since originally only three or four stitches were made to create the double eyelid crease. However, ID hospital has now introduced ‘Seven lock non-incision method’. With this method, double eyelids will not disappear since we make seven stitches to create the double eyelids. The double eyelid crease is more firm, making the crease clear from beginning to end.

Q. How long is the recovery period after surgery?

A. It depends on a surgical method and patients’ skin type, but normally patients will have some swelling or bruising for the first one or two days after surgery. These will disappear slowly over time. Simple eye makeup is possible from one week after and it takes about 4 weeks for the full recovery and until the swelling disappears.

Q. I’m going to have an incision eyelid surgery, but afraid of unnatural result.

A. The reason of unnaturally thick-looking eyelid is, because the surgeon could not successfully remove the muscle and fat that make the eyelid look puffy. Our ‘Skinny incision double eyelid surgery’ creates very slim and natural double eyelids, while removing unnecessary muscle and fat.

Q. When can I undergo revision surgery?

A. If the first surgery was not satisfactory and consider revision surgery, the patients need to wait at least 6 months until the full recovery. Skin tissues might be more damaged compared to the first surgery, thus very well-experienced and skillful surgeon has to be chosen in order to avoid second or third revision surgeries.

Q. My eyelid skin is droopy since I’ve been using glue and tapes to create temporary double eyelid. Can I go for a non-incision method?

A. Creating temporary double eyelids using glue and tape may result in worsened skin elasticity. In this case, a non-incision method is not recommended and an incision method has to be performed to remove sagging skin. The most suitable method has to be chosen carefully depending on a level of skin droopiness.

Q. After surgery, my eyelids are red and painful. Is there something wrong?

A. Those are very normal and often occur during the recovery period.
Normally patients will have those feelings from a week post surgery and will become better slowly in few weeks.

Q. Is there chance of recurrence after lateral canthoplasty?

A. In the case of canthoplasty that only makes an incision on skins surface, there is a high chance of recurrence.
We have greatly reduced the chance of recurrence by making a complete incision through conjuctiva, then removing skin tissue that can cause recurrence and fixing the eye corners to the periosteum.

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