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FAQ about Facial Contouring

2015-08-07 16:11


FAQ about Facial Contouring

Q. I have an asymmetric face. Can this be improved by facial contouring, without two jaw surgery?

A. Asymmetric face can be corrected by V line square jaw surgery if there’s no specific problem with jaw joint or bite.
If you have prominent masseter muscle on one side only which can be caused by bad chewing habits, Botox injection or "Volume mandible angle reduction surgery’ will be effective. In case of bone asymmetry, V line surgery which reduces different amount for both sides will help you achieve more symmetrical and slimmer jaw line.

Q. Will square jaw come back in time after surgery?

A. Masseter muscle will come back in few months after Botox injection. But in case of ‘Volume mandible angle reduction surgery’, there is no chance of recurrence since jaw bone and muscle are reduced permanently.
ID hospital will help you achieve defined jaw line while preventing skin sagging after surgery, by examining not only facial bone but also patients’ muscle and soft skin tissues.

Q. How long is the recovery period?

A. Hospitalization is not necessary, however we recommend one night stay since patients may have some fever when they wake up from anesthesia. Post check-up and disinfection would be also required. You can go back to your daily life within 2 or 3 days after surgery. There will be no harsh swelling thanks to short surgery time and minimal bleeding.

Q.Is the hospitalization necessary?

A. Patients of cheekbone reduction surgery may not need a hospitalization. There are some cases that some patients who underwent surgery in the morning go back home in the afternoon. Just try not to tilt your head down when sleeping and make your pillow higher and soft in order to soothe the pain and prevent harsh swelling.

Q. My jaw is actually not square-shaped, but not very slim either. What surgery do I need?

A. In this case, Mini V line surgery is recommended.
Incisions of Mini V line (chin genioplasty) will be made only around your chin, not on the whole jaw. Thus, the swelling and pain are much less and the recovery is very quick.

If you have U shaped chin or slightly protruding chin, Mini V line can help you achieve slimmer and more defined chin. The surgery also can create better facial balance by relocating chin forward or backward.

Q. How long is the recovery period for Mini V line?

A. You may go back to your daily life within five to seven days after surgery. You need to cleanse your mouth quite often and try to avoid spicy or hot food, since it may worsen your wound. Try not to stretch your mouth and be careful of any kind of external shock, especially until 2 weeks post surgery.

Q. Is there any chance of recurrence after cheekbone reduction surgery?

A. In the case of facial bone, it would never grow back after surgery. Moreover, cheekbone reduction is a surgery that shifts cheekbones inward and fix them on the new position. There will no chance of recurrence when it comes to zygoma reduction surgery. You don’t have to worry.

Q.I hear Botox can make my jaw look slimmer. Should I still have surgery?

A. If your jaw looks wide due to strong masseter muscle, you would benefit from Botox. In case of thick facial bone, however, mandible angle reduction is required since only Botox would not achieve the satisfactory result.
Also, the effect of Botox injection doesn’t last permanently and your prominent muscle will be keep returning to normal. We recommend ‘Volume mandible angle reduction surgery’ that reduces the muscle itself as well as bone.

Q. Is the pin necessary for the surgery?

A. Pins are necessary for the bone fixation to ensure the shifted cheekbones don’t move and settle down safely. Bone will be recovered within 3 months after surgery and will become very hard. Material being used for pins is Titanium which is commonly used for human body such as teeth implant for the last few decades. Size of pins are even smaller than teeth implants and cause no trouble when passing an airport security or having a health examinations such as CT or MRI.

Q. What is the difference between T-osteotomy and rotational bone cutting method?

A. Rotational bone cutting is a procedure that trims protruding bone all the way to the tip of chin to create natural result. By using this method, prominent mandible angle can be reduced, however, sharp V shaped chin cannot be created. On the other hand, T-Osteotomy can improve the whole jaw line, reducing mandible angle and gathering chin bone together. It is also effective method for facial asymmetry correction, thus it became one of most popular procedure of facial contouring.

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