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How do we correct a long jaw or long face?

2015-09-17 17:00


Orthognathic surgery has been known for the most effective surgery to correct malocclusion or abnormal shapes of chin, such as mandibular prognathism, or mandibular retrognathism. However, there are many reasons that people hesitate to undergo double jaw surgery, such as feeling great burden on cutting both upper and lower jaws which occupy the lower half of the face, expensive surgery cost, or long recovery period.

Dr. Sang Hoon Park, plastic surgery specialist at ID Hospital, mentioned that “Many patients visit the hospital after watching dramatic makeovers through corrective jaw surgery via the mass media or the Internet, but orthognathic surgery is not appropriate for everyone. Even though a patient is stubborn to have double jaw surgery, an exact diagnosis should be made, based on the condition of teeth and bone and the reason for deformity, and the most effective way of treatment for the patient should be chosen.”

For example, if a patients has great pressure on undergoing orthognathic surgery and is scared of it, and the patient has no problem with the location and function of upper jaw (maxilla), lower jaw surgery (bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy) would be safer and more effective than forcefully undergoing surgery on both upper and lower jaws (orthognathic surgery).

During bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy (lower jaw surgery), bone cutting will be made on the posterior parts of protruding mandible. The sectioned mandible will be moved and fixed in the ideal position. The surgical areas can be reduced in half, compared to orthognathic surgery, so as risk and recovery period. Therefore, bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy can be regarded as a rational jaw correction surgery.

Bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy (BSSO) can be applied for protruding chin (mandibular prognathism), long chin, or short chin (mandibular retrognathism). If you are considering double jaw surgery to overcome the drawback on your overdeveloping chin, you had better check out whether you are eligible for BSSO.

Dr. Park advises that “Patients can worry that BSSO has less aesthetic effect than orthognathic surgery, but according to patients’ condition, sufficiently natural improvement can be expected only by BSSO. If a plastic surgery specialist who comprehensively understand numerous surgeries and have abundant clinical experiences performs BSSO, the most satisfying result can be achieved through the least invasive surgery.

A consultation with specialist is necessary because BSSO may be impossible to be applied for those who had facial asymmetry and severe mal-alignment of teeth or whose upper jaw (maxilla) is the problem.