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Check list! For Safe Facial bone surgery

2015-12-16 10:33

As of December, those who are visiting plastic surgery as a winter vacation and graduation present are increasing.

Most of the usual consultation is for facial improvement but also those who want to make good impression before they get a job or go to university.

Especially; for those who have producing mouth and chin, winter vacation is perfect time for the operation to match their face to balance the jaw and teeth.

The problem is whether it can be a safe and reliable facial bone surgery. Although the number of hospitals (depending on the current demand boast) that specializes in facial contouring surgery, orthognathic surgery; it is important to choose the correct hospital and doctor are pre-identified, in terms of safety and professionalism in order to properly find a hospital for satisfactory surgery.

Before surgery, first make sure for a delicate and accurate hospital grade medical examination is possible. Plastic surgery, the concept of a comprehensive health examination is to check for the surgical procedure and in recovery after surgery was safe and the results can be expected.

This is especially important for a person who has low bone density for orthognathic surgery and facial contouring surgery. After surgery recovery or management after surgery may increase your risk of side effects at all levels, so confirm for the bone mineral density test is in progress.

Consultation with specialists it is more reliable because it is completely safe; from preparation to managing postoperative surgery. If possible check for hospital grade medical institution including a bone mineral density test for full health check up.

However, please note sometimes there is too much hype to promote the hospital. It is also good to make sure that they are having surgery system that thinks of patient safety as a priority.

There are cautious in selecting a clinic if promotion events are intensive; such as surgery cost discounts, they’re not the various hospitals that has screening system or effective surgical techniques.

Dr. Park, Sang-Hoon (ID hospital) advised that you should decide under the consultation with a specialist who has many experiences, also you must choose an excellent hospital in every way; safety, skill and technology; especially for facial bone surgery such as orthognathic surgery or face contouring surgery.

Meanwhile, ID Plastic Surgery Hospital said; it proceeds surgery with a comprehensive screening system of university hospital level for secure and safe results of facial bone surgery.

Especially for facial bone surgery, he emphasized that with screening the surgical results can be more assured and reliable because nerve systems are checked and for the established surgical plan.

Reporter, Seung-han, Lee (camus@joins.com / Advised : Dr. Park, Sang-hoon, ID hospital)