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Cautions Before Surgery To Make Note!!

2015-12-17 09:53

Cautions Before Surgery To Make Note!!

Health Check
Patients with High blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid etc. or in need of a regular checkups or medications for any medical illness; they should meet with Anesthetic Doctor and undergo further more checkups to make sure there is no problems for surgery.

Make sure to let the nurses know of any allergies and reactions (itchiness; rash; breathing difficulty; etc.) so that we can avoid any medications that may contain any substances for the causes.

It would be ok for those with any past medical history and not having any problems, but for those who had heart problems; lung problems; any brain treatments or anti-cancer treatments, they’re required for a meeting with Anesthetic Doctor and undergo further more checkups to make sure there are no problems for surgery.

Those that have anemia, their condition may deteriorate after surgery so it is advised for them to take medications for minimum of 2 weeks.

Those that have caught cold before the surgery and have runny nose; fever; mucus should postpone their surgery and try not to worsen their condition.

Please stop taking any medications 7~10 days before the surgery and any medications such as aspirin which causes thinning of blood and may cause excessive bleeding during the surgery. In addition, pain killers; hormone pills; etc. should be stopped as it may cause side effects after surgery with anesthetic and prescribed medications.

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