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NEW ID Hospital (Sinsa Station)

2016-01-14 17:19


NEW ID Hospital (Sinsa Station)

- B1 Floor
Treatment Room

Here we give you systematical treatments for mandibular joint as well as for eye, nose, breast, and body surgery.

This place allows you to receive care service and see your progress after your operation in satisfying atmosphere.

- L / P Floor

This is where the lobby and parking lot are located for the main building with plastic surgery center and dentistry.

Waiting rooms are set for accompanying visitors, and you can also get directions to different floors from here.

- 7, 8 Floor
Patient Room

Experienced intensive care unit nurses from university-hospitals stay here for 24 hours to assist you with your recovery.

With televisions and personal computers inside, patient rooms help you get comfortable and rested.

- 9, 10, 11 Floor
Surgery Room

Hospital-level surgery center with high-tech medical equipment and emergency system is ready for you.

We strictly follow the safety regulations and make sure patients have the best physical condition to undergo the surgery.

- 12 Floor
Foreign Patients Consultation

Professional translators for different countries are assigned to provide comfortable consultation and services to foreign patients at any time.

- 13 Floor
Facial Bone Consultation

Specialized consultation rooms for orthognathic surgery and facial contouring surgery are run here.

Medical specialists from each field diagnose the patient together for a personalized facial bone surgery to get the best outcome.

- 14F
Comprehensive Medical Test

This floor is designed for Safe Plastic Surgery Medical Exam that includes checking up on possibility of surgery, condition during the surgery,

and the result after the surgery. Almost 50 tests are taken here to ensure the patients’ safety before operation.

-15 Floor

A reception desk for faster medical service and a cozy Café with professional Baristas are waiting for you.
You may enjoy a fair view from the 15th floor and a humidification function-added POND.

- 16 Floor
Eyes, Nose, Petit, Breast, Body Consultation

All the specialized doctors from each field besides facial bone surgery are here together for the harmony of facial features and a beautiful body line.
We try our best to create the optimum result based on a customer-centered consultation.