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No Tie Two Jaw Surgery, reduces half of recovery period

2016-01-20 10:11


The great pressure of ‘intermaxillary fixation’ is as fearful as the fact that Two Jaw surgery is a massive surgery which changes the shape and location by excising jaw bone, and re-arraying occlusion.

Intermaxillary fixation is a process that fixes upper and lower jaw with wire or special band to ensure excised jaw bone is agglutinated in right position; which is used to be known as compulsory progress to achieve stable Two Jaw surgery result. However, the fact that it’s hard to breathe and impossible to eat or talk as the patient cannot move the jaw after intermaxillary fixation, has been pointed out as a weakness.

Two Jaw surgery is a surgery that has huge esthetic improvement like what it’s known as; but originally, its main aim is to correct the jaw’s occlusion of jaw with malocclusion. On that account, Two Jaw surgery method reduces pressure of the surgery and has great effect on the jaw improvement; it has been constantly studied and ‘No-Tie Two Jaw surgery’ has been introduced as that result.

No-tie double-jaw surgery is an orthgnathic surgery that omits intermaxillary fixation progress; that allows easy respiration and it is possible for the patients to talk and eat as the patient can open their mouth and move jaw after the surgery. Orthgnathic surgery’s recovery period is about 2 weeks which is short as it is possible to take the right nutrition through liquid diet such as porridge and soup.

Dr. Sang Hoon Park, plastic surgery specialist at ID Hospital has explained that “We recommend No Tie Two Jaw surgery which has reduced half of its recovery period by omitting intermaxillary fixation if a patient has been delaying surgery even though Two Jaw surgery was needed because of the issues with jaw function.”

No Tie Two Jaw is possible when it’s based on surgery method that is nearly as exact as the real result by using the virtual demonstration program that can predict the skin and muscle’s transformation. It requires a technique that fixes jaw bone into the accurate position to agglutinate bones without intermaxillary fixation; it’s possible to progress accurate and safe Two Jaw surgery based on the advanced surgery method, such as Torque-free Rigid Internal Fastenation; Super Precision TMJ Registration System; Marginal Muscle Stabilization Procedure and etc.

Orthgnathic surgery belongs to the most complicated plastic surgery, thus it’s very important to ensure safety as well as surgery’s effect. It’s not just a facial bone surgery; but a surgery that considers all soft tissues like facial nerves, muscle and blood vessel, thus the surgery has to be done after facial anatomy by having a comprehensive medical testing for plastic surgery including 3D-CT, X-ray, V-CEPH, growth plate test and bone density measurement.

Dr. Park conveyed that “It’s ideal to choose hospital leveled medical institution where surgery is done according to correct diagnosis and plan which considers jaw bone thickness and width, nerves and blood vessels under plastic surgery-dentist-Oral cavity, maxillofacial surgery’s joint treatment for safe Double-jaw surgery.”

Meanwhile, ID Hospital ‘Asian Beauty Center (ABC)’ located at Sinsa-station operates 8 exclusive teams (jaw correction, protruded mouth, face contouring, eyes and nose surgery, baby face elasticity, breast and body surgery, anesthesia and pain and orthodontics) specialized at facial plastic surgery, and is equipped with ‘comprehensive medical testing for plastic surgery centre’ which allows comprehensive medical testing at university hospital’s level of medical tests.

Original article: Wstar NEWS on 10/01/2016