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Changed breasts after labor, if you want to regain your beautiful shape?

2016-01-29 15:47


Females experience huge change after labor no matter how beautiful body shape they had before pregnancy. The significant increase of body weight during pregnancy and the loss of skin elasticity that cause the breast to be drooping and decrease in volume after repeating labor and breastfeeding are the major cause of postpartum depression.

There’s limitation of improvement by exercising or conducting folk remedy, as females’ breasts’ major structure is fat. Therefore breast augmentation is the most realistic alternative to improve on drooping, small breast without elasticity. Especially, the surgery for females who have experienced labor has to be done in different point of view from usual breast augmentation.

Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang, plastic surgery specialist at ID Hospital explained “It’s usual for female’s breast to lose elasticity and become smaller and drooping after labor, but it’s possible to regain elastic and volumed breast by breast augmentation and drooping breast correction at the same time, which is different to usual breast augmentation.”

‘ID’s mommy makeover breast augmentation after child’ complexly improves labor experienced female’s biggest problems such as drooping breasts, breasts volume reduction, changed nipple shape, then completing beautiful breast shape like before giving a birth.

Breast lifting surgery which lifts drooping breasts is a surgery that improves breast elasticity and volume at the same time by removing dropped skin and part of breast tissue, then fixing the rest attached to breast muscle. And then fill deficient volume up by Full HD endoscope tear drop breast augment, and improves nipples’ color and shape to complete breast shape that matches to whole body shape.

Mommy makeover breast augmentation after child’s incision method and surgery method varies depending on how saggy the breast is, thus it’s important to analyze breast’s condition in detail. Especially, breast shape can be changed more naturally if hollow breast is improved by considering and improving upper breasts’ angle of inclination.

Dr. Hwang advised “Mommy makeover breast augmentation after child’s key point is to regain natural and beautiful shape like it’s the patient’s natural shape, and the level of satisfaction after surgery can be increased by getting breast augment that perfectly matches individual’s body shape by exactly analyzing breast structure and chest cavity tissue with high definition latest inspection machine.”

Meanwhile, ID hospital located near Sinsa-station operates exclusive breast augmentation care system, and provides professional care before and after the surgery.

Original article: Next Daily on 06/01/16