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Is it possible to have natural looking double eye lid line by incision method?

2016-02-05 10:44

People dream about natural and effective results before they are about to get their plastic surgery. People honestly want to achieve surgery result that doesn’t have the trace of plastic surgery but is beautiful for all the others to see.

Especially, for double eye lid surgery which is known as the most popular plastic surgery, the surgery is done by choosing ‘incision method’ and ‘non-incision method’. Usually patients prefer non-incision method that has natural line and leaves no scar than incision method that’s line could look unnatural.

However, non-incision method has a weakness that it is easy for the double eye lid line to disappear. Also incision method might be required after actual diagnosis due to saggy eye lid that has thick fat layers.

‘Skinny incision method’ is recommendable for the people who wanted to avoid unnatural line and the incision scar as it is possible to make slim and natural line like non-incision method, while the line doesn’t disappear easily.

Dr. Seung ho Choi, plastic surgery specialist at ID Hospital explained “Often people feel repulsion at incision method because it leaves clear trace of plastic surgery, but it is possible to make natural and slim double eyelid line thorough incision method when the muscle and fat are remained enough after removing them out."

The process of removing excessive fat and muscle after making double eyelid line is essential if the patients want to have natural double eyelid. Double eyelid can be slim and natural no matter how the double eyelid is designed when the eyelid is slim as excessive fat and muscle are removed through skinny incision method.

Also since the incision area is smaller than other incision double eye lid surgery method, it is possible to reduce recovery period if the surgery is done by experienced plastic surgery specialists as they can process surgery through limited operation slit which can reduce swellings. Thus skinny incision method is also well known as revision surgery method that is to correct wrong double eyelid surgery results.

Dr. Choi advised “Recent incision method has been developed to make ideal slim double eyelid that doesn’t disappear while avoiding unnatural ‘sausage looking eyes’.””It will be possible to make double eyelid that is as natural as non-incision method by incision method when the surgery is done by plastic surgery specialist who is very experienced in eye surgery.

Meanwhile ID Hospital that established new ‘Asian Beauty Center (ABC)’ building is structured with facial plastic surgery specialized 8 exclusive teams, and is a hospital leveled medical institution that offers 1:1 medical service by operating exclusive medical team and treatment room for eyes and nose.

Original article: Wstar NEWS on 14/01/2016