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ID Hospital, officially certified for semi-permanent Artecoll filler.

2016-02-12 16:54

Petit plastic surgery such as Botox and Filler is very attractive solution for people who are afraid of surgery, but still wants to become beautiful. Filler is a petit plastic surgery that volumize face that doesn’t have enough volume, and is especially loved by many people, as the procedure is very simple and there is no worry of recovery. However the most used filler, HA filler’s weakness is that the maintaining period is short.

Ji Won Kim, 24 years old celebrity aspirant, had been getting filler instead of rhinoplasty due to her fear of surgery, but started to be dissatisfied as the filler has to be done on regular basis of once a year. Also she was stressed about the change in nose shape as the filler absorbs inside after a while. Thus Ji Won decided to get consultation about Artecoll filler that is semi-permanent after considering filler and rhinoplasty.

hyaluronic acid is mostly used filler. It’s been used to fill up facial volume naturally as it’s harmless to body and is very moisturizing, but its biggest weakness was the short maintaining period as it is absorbable.

Artecoll filler, which improved on HA filler’s weakness, is semi-permanent filler that lasts more than 10 years. The characteristic of Artecoll filler is that it is possible to maintain volume for a long period as the high molecular substances are injected right above the bone for the filler to be fixed. Thus it’s possible to vitalize plain face if it is done on the area that is easily less in volume such as nasolabial fold, nose and the end of chin.

Dr. Young Tae Seo, plastic surgery specialist at ID Hospital explained “Artecoll filler is a filler that is structured with collagen and PMMA micro particle, and it is possible to maintain the effect more than 10 years as the Pure and biocompatible – 4th Generation PMMA (constituent of artificial bone) forms volume after the collagen absorbs in 3 weeks.”

Artecoll filler is filler that is produced according to plan, to maintain best quality and its freshness. Thus the patients have to confirm that the medical institution handles Artecoll filler or not as the amount of Artecoll filler imported is limited. A medical institution has to have proper medical facilities and thorough after care to be officially certified for Artecoll filler, and the filler procedure has to be done by specialist who is experienced more than 10 years.

Dr. Seo added “Artecoll filler’s result changes according to the amount of filler injected on the accurate position, thus it has to be done after detailed design is made based on experienced medical staff’s know how for natural result” “The patients will be able to see natural and long lasting result after getting Artecoll filler at officially certified hospital.”

Meanwhie, ID Hospital is an officially certified for Artecoll filler that can process Artecoll filler surgery, which established its new 18 stories building ‘Asian Beauty Center (ABC) near Sinsa-station and is developing to the total beauty center that represents whole Asia beyond plastic surgery clinic by forming hospital leveled high-tech infra including plastic surgery, dental, dermatology and ear-nose-and-throat hospital.