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Jaw line affects impression.. MVP square jaw reduction surgery makes golden ratio

2016-02-16 17:28


Normally, people say that first impression is decided on one’s look in his/her eyes. However, the reality is that the whole facial line that finishes at the jaw, also affects the first impression more than people think.

For example, the flaw of eyes, nose and lip is not that significant from the first impression if the face shape is slim and small in overall; on the contrary to this, most cases it gives others masculine and old impression if the jaw is wide and angled too much.

Because of this, females who has angled and wide jaw; have severe complex and stress about their facial shape. Therefore people who consult about face contouring surgery for square jaw has significantly increases nowadays during winter holiday season or the start of New Year when people starts to plan on new life.

However, it’s not the answer to think that it’s possible to make small and slim face with V-line by simply cutting angled jaw bone in square jaw surgery. There are variety of elements besides jaw bone, such as cortical bone; muscle; fat and etc. that makes the face shape and angled jaw.

Actually, it’s not rare to consider revisional surgery among those who have had square jaw surgery that was to simply cut the jaw bone without the consideration of the facial elements; even after the surgery the jaw is not slim enough and the face looks wide.

Dr. Ji Hyuck Lee, plastic surgery specialist at ID Hospital has explained that; “If the jaw forms to be angled and thick, the surgery method has to be considered by taking account of various multiple factors and not only focus on the bone to reduce whole jaw size amazingly.” and “MVP square jaw reduction surgery, is effective as the surgery method solves square jaw angle and the jaws thickness and volume part at the same time.”

MVP square jaw reduction surgery is a surgery where MVP cutting technique is used; cutting out the thickest part of the lower jaw which gives off dull jaw line. The term MVP stands for Maximum Volume Point of the jaw; it shows effect of solving jaw shape and the width at once, by cutting out cortical bone and muscle in addition to jaw bone incision.

The surgery is worry free of scars as the incision site is inside the mouth, which is different from the usual behind the ear incision square jaw reduction surgery. Also, it’s evaluated to be more satisfactional surgery method as the effects were facial size reduction as well as V Line front view to side view effect in addition.

Dr. Lee added that, “Ideal face width’s golden ratio in consideration of cheekbones; square jaw width and MVP width, it’s good to match along 13:10:7. V-line’s slimness can be emphasized by MVP reduction surgery because it’s not possible to fit in this ratio just by incising the jaw bone.”