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Real diet forms body line, ‘Bottle liposuction’ that removes unwanted fats only.

2016-02-18 17:25


Many people plan on losing weight for their new year goal. However, it’s very rare to find their aim for diet continues on more than a month. Due to this, people who were successful on severe diet becomes big issue between many people.

Especially women often aim for 45kg which is known as cosmetic weigt at the beigining of diet, but it’s not always possible to have S-lined wannabe body shape just simply by losing body weight. That’s because of remaining fats of body parts that is hard to tone by losing weight or exercising.

Thus liposuction can be a solution for people who are concerned about excess fats on arms, stomach, sides and thighs. Furthermore, ‘Bottle liposuction’ can be effective enough if liposuction on smaller area like upper or lower arm and hip line, is required.

Bottle liposuction is a simplified liposuction that is possible to remove unwanted fat with one bottle as unit, which is useful when there isn’t enough time, and short term weight loss is needed.

Dr. Dong Yeon Hwang, plastic surgery specialist at ID Hospital has explained “Bottle liposuction is a body type plastic surgery that is less in bleeding or internal damage due to the use of water jet method and is almost painless.” “It is simple as it is done on the smaller area, and is possible to go back to the daily routine quickly as the surgery duration is short.”

Bottle liposuction is possible to obtain natural and well made design that considered whole body line as it removes a particular body part’s fat in detail. There is less pressure as there’s less amount of fat getting removed, thus it’s popular among the people who didn’t have enough time for recovery or was concerned about long surgery.

The secret of satisfying result by simple surgery is the SAL handmade liposuction method and water jet liposuction method, which is less in internal damage, bruise or edema as it extracts fat layer in detail with water after designing lines accurately.

Moreover, it is possible to improve on whole body line more naturally as the surgery is done after considering the amount of liposuction to be performed per part, connectivity of line and the characteristic of skin tissue.

Dr. Hwang advised “Accurate analyze and detailed design has to be performed prior to surgery to increase in the satisfaction level of surgery result as well as decrease in the pressure of surgery” “The level of satisfaction will significantly increase if the surgery is performed through 3D ultrasonic wave measuring and enough consultation with plastic surgery specialist.”

original article: W star news on 03/02/2016