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Quick and simple V-line creation, ‘Mini V-line surgery’

2016-02-22 14:07

Holiday season is the best chance for people who are planning for plastic surgery. The best part of this season is that it is possible to have enough recovery periods after surgery without taking working days off, thus people who visit plastic surgery clinic during this period is continuously increasing every year.

However, we can often find people who hold over on plastic surgery that was planned for a long time because there isn’t enough time during holidays due to some unavoidable reason. Especially, facial contouring surgery such as V-line surgery that reduces facial bone unlike popular double eye lid surgery or rhinoplasty, is hard for employees who don’t have enough recovery period.

Facial contouring like V-line surgery usually requires 1~2 weeks of recovery period. However, if the patient doesn’t have severe square jaw and is possible for the patient’s face to look slim enough when dull chin becomes slim, it is worth consideration of ‘Mini V-line surgery’ that minimized surgery duration and recovery period.

Mini V-line surgery is a surgery that creates V-line by reducing wide frontal chin which is different to square jaw surgery that reduces whole jaw. It is possible to improve dull chin that was hard to be solved by square jaw surgery which has effect of making the face look way slimmer.

Dr. Jae Hyun Kwon, plastic surgery specialist at ID Hospital has explained “Round and dull front chin can be improved to V-line simply by T-osteotome, and is possible to obtain natural result when the surgery duration is not short and recovery is quick.”

Mini V-line surgery changes dull chin end to V-line and can reduce the length of chin end by T-osteotome (T shaped osteotome on the end of chin). It’s also possible to improve on short chin, asymmetric chin and slightly protruded chin as it’s possible to adjust on the location of chin.

The surgery finishes faster when the amount of surgery are is reduced even when the surgeries are the same V-line surgery. Mini V-line surgery’s duration is short (about 30 minutes) as the surgery is only done on frontal chin, and the recovery is quick as well so the patients can return to their daily routine in about 2~3 days.

Dr. Kwon has conveyed “It’s important to choose surgeons that can apply variety of surgical methods depend on individual’s difference if you want to obtain highly satisfying result with less surgery.”

He also added “It will be possible to complete ideal V-line face easily if you choose hospital leveled medical institution that can identify individual’s face structure by using high technology such as 3D CT, V-CEPH and X-ray.

Original article: Wstar news on 18/02/2016