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Mouth protrusion treatment, it is essential to choose treatment method that is suitable for individual’s case

2016-02-24 17:23


You may have mouth protrusion if your mouth is protruded than a line drew from the end of nose to the end of chin. Mouth protrusion patients usually start treatment to improve on their impression as protruded mouth makes old and abrupt impression. However it is important to choose appropriate treatment method according to accurate diagnosis as there is variety of symptoms of mouth protrusion.

Mi Yeon Kim, 26 years old office worker had visited dental clinic to mouth protrusion treatment, but was diagnosed that her case is hard to be solved by orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment for mouth protrusion is a treatment method that can be applied on mouth protrusion caused by protruded teeth. In Miss Kim’s case, there was high chance of getting inturned tooth after orthodontic treatment her gum bone itself was protruded. Thus she has improved on her mouth protrusion by mouth protrusion surgery after getting detailed facial bone diagnosis.

The cause of mouth protrusion must be identified first if you are planning to get mouth protrusion treatment. The cause of mouth protrusion is largely divided into two reason, tooth protrusion and gum bone protrusion, and it is possible to make natural mouth shape and improve on protruded mouth when orthodontic treatment or surgery is done according to individual’s cause of mouth protrusion.

Dr. Seok Jae Lee, plastic surgery specialist at ID Hospital has explained “Mouth protrusion’s treatment method is decided according to the cause and level of protrusion and it is possible to prevent side effects such as over correction, or looking toothless when individual’s suitable treatment method is applied.

When the cause of mouth protrusion is protruded tooth, it is possible to have enough improvement just by orthodontic treatment. However, if the cause of mouth protrusion is protruded gum bone, mouth protrusion surgery called ANTERIOR SEGMENTAL OSTEOTOMY (ASO) will be more effective.

ASO is a surgery that relocates bone and tooth backward by removing gum bone that is empty after extracting teeth that are located next to canine teeth. It’s possible to see the improvement straight after even when the level of protrusion is severe, and the post orthodontic treatment is short (about 6months) compare to other treatments.

Above this, two jaw surgery can be a solution for patients who have mouth protrusion and malocclusion such as protruded chin, asymmetric face at the same time. It is important to be cautious on choosing treatment method as if a patient has mouth protrusion with serious short chin symptom, ‘three jaw surgery’ that is a combination of two jaw surgery and mouth protrusion surgery will be the most effective.

Dr. Lee has advised “Since mouth protrusion has variety of symptoms that are more than the ones that are known, the treatment has to be done based on accurate diagnosis and systemic surgery plan” “It will be possible to improve on mouth protrusion safely if you get mouth protrusion treatment at a hospital leveled plastic surgery hospital that can proceed difficult facial bone surgery and has cooperation system between plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery and dental specialists.”