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ID Hospital’s foreign patients from 50 different countries hits 6000

2016-02-25 12:01

K beauty is becoming worldwide beauty standard through the Korean wave boom. According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s research, 10.2% (36244 people) of total foreign patients who came for medical treatment visited plastic surgery hospital.

ID Hospital has also completed to establish massive ‘Asian Beauty Center (ABC center)’ in Gangnam, Seoul and getting ready for foreign patients.

ID Hospital’s ABC center’s motto is ‘Asia’s face’ and it is a global cosmetic plastic surgery center that consolidated plastic surgery clinic, dental clinic, dermatology clinic, otolaryngology clinic and cosmeceuticals. ABC Center provides total service about cosmetic plastic surgery that is led by facial bone plastic surgery.

ID Hospital established ABC center as the number of foreign patients who visited ID Hospital in last 3 years are more than 6000, and there were more than 50 different nationalities.

From 2013 to 2015, the foreign patients who visited ID Hospital are 6368 people in total, and they are from 50 different countries in 6 different continents. From major countries, majority of patients were from China (4160 patients), and then followed by U.S.A (380 patients), Thailand (315 patients), Hong Kong (280 patients), Japan (240 patients), Malaysia (115 patients) and Australia (108 patients) in order.

Interesting fact is that there are patients who are coming from variety of countries that aren’t in Asia. Not only Europeans from England, France, Sweden, Poland, Norway and Germany but also people from Middle East like Saudi Arabia and UAE, South American from Brazil and Peru, and even from Oceania. People from all continents are coming to Korea for plastic surgery.

ID Hospital’s ABC center that provides global cosmetic plastic surgery service has 22 storied building and 6 storied annex near Sinsa-station, Gangnam-gu. It is a massive cosmetic plastic surgery specialized hospital that has waiting room which can accommodate 237 people at once, 30 beds and its total area is 9657.49㎡.

There are 6 core centers, that are Jaw correction center, Face contouring center, Mouth protrusion center, Rhinoplasty Center, Orthodontic treatment center and Anesthesia center. In addition to these, ID is equipped with 3 connected hospitals, ID dental hospital, ID Dermatology hospital and ID Face diet in its annex. Patients can receive one-stop total process in a building that includes pre-operation checkup, plastic surgery and after care.

ID Hospital is aiming for Globalization of ABC center by establishing next ABC center in major areas in Asia. ID Hospital is currently working on a project with influential listed company from China, to establish cosmetic plastic surgery specialized hospital on major city of China like Shanghais.

Dr. Sang Hoon Park, the lead doctor at ID Hospital said “Foreign patient’s visiting for surgery and sight-seeing is leading to added value more than exporting medical treatment to overseas” “Our short term goal is to increase ID Hosopital in Seoul’s foreign patients that are about 30% of our all patients, up to 50%”

Original article: Sports Chosun on 24/01/2016