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Is there key point ‘ABC’ to avoid revision surgery after first plastic surgery?

2016-02-29 16:09
It’s time for prospective university students to look after their appearance after finishing their long period of exams. Freshmen’s plastic surgery has super ordinary consideration as it’s the first plastic surgery ever in their life. These are the key tip ‘ABC’ that has to be known to avoid revision surgery, which supported by Dr. Sang Hoon Park, plastic surgery specialist at ID Hospital.

The very first consideration to be made before planning plastic surgery is ‘Age’. The suitable age for plastic surgery for body parts including eyes, nose and chin are varied as each of them has different time for their growth conclusion. The earliest one is eye. Eyes mostly finishes development at around 16, thus double eye-lid surgery is possible afterwards.

It’s ideal to get surgeries including orthognathic, facial contouring and nose surgeries after face is fully grown and stopped development as these surgeries deal with facial bone. Facial bone is the last part to finish development. There is chance of continuous development if the patient is 19~20 years old who just finished Korean SAT as the growth of facial bone may continue after 20 depending on individuals. Thus growth conclusion should be checked up in prior to make decision.

Dr. Park said “It’s suitable to get surgery after all growth has concluded as it’s hard to predict surgery result during growth period” and “However, keep in mind that parents’ agreement is required if the patient is under 19.”

Plastic surgery specialists emphasize facial ‘Balance’ as another important point for plastic surgery. Especially, the balance between forehead and nose should be considered. The patient should be aware that excessive plastic surgery breaks facial balance and may cause resistance. Recently preferred method is to use customize implants according to the patient’s nose shape during surgery. It looks natural while correcting shape as the patient wanted; also it’s safe without concerning that the implant might come out, as the implant is fixed while it fitted perfectly.

Plastic surgery is a surgery, too. There is no need to be afraid, but before and after care is important as it’s a surgery. Especially, it needs precise care as the result may change according to; treatment history, type of medicine taken, and the cloths on the surgery day. It’s a good way to improve on safety by having a comprehensive medical testing for plastic surgery.

Above all, sufficient consultation with medical team about the patient’s health is essential. Consult medical team beforehand for safe anesthesia, about specific medicine that the patient is allergic to if the patient is medicated or treated for an internal disease, thus the medical team can avoid the use of relevant medicine. Also additional check-up may be required if the patient had treated for heart, lung, brain diseases or cancer treatment.

orginal article: Kyung Hyang news on 05/01/2016