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Double-Eyelid surgery, you should cautiously consider your eye condition

2016-03-23 08:35


Double-eyelid surgery is the most popular surgery among the plastic surgeries.
Though, it is a simple surgery that there is just one more additional line on the eyelid, improved impression is clearly recognized after the surgery is done so that many people get it during the holidays or vacation.

Non-incisional eyelid surgery is preferred by many people because the key point of Double-Eyelid surgery is the completion of a natural line without any surgical trace. However, to get effective result, the amount of fat on the eyelid and the thickness of skin should be diagnosed accurately before choosing a surgery method.

If your eyelids are thin and not droopy, ‘non-incisional eyelid surgery’ which buries a suture thread onto your eyelids, is recommended. For those who have fatty eyelids and thick skin, ‘incision surgery’ would be conducted. In the past days, ‘incision surgery’ method was avoided because it might be causing a ‘sausage eye’ which leads a thick double-eyelid and surgical trace, but recently, a new method for incision surgery was introduced that an additional eyelid line is made after removing only adequate amount of muscles and fats that creates a thicker eyelid.

Also, there is another method called ‘natural concrescence’ if you would like be unrecognized having a surgery. This method leads natural concrescence along double-eyelid line after making 1-2mm sized holes on the eyelid.

However, you must have a consultation with a specialist about your eye condition before the surgery gets started. When the operation is conducted by an experienced medical team, reoperation will be avoided and you will be satisfied with the result.

Original article: Kuki news on 03/15/2016